• maestral 7w

    Thin Crust Pizza

    I wanted a thin crust pizza
    It was on my tongue and I could savour the flavors
    Of the mozzarella and the peperoni
    Melted on that thin flaky crust
    I salivated as I thought of a large hot bite

    But dinner was ready already
    The same thin goulash
    With bits of meat and the usual broth
    And other things that go into it
    It is the same every night
    It tastes the same
    And the portions of meat and solids
    Do not really fill you up
    All the way through the night

    I guess that the pizza will have to wait
    Until the pharmacy is paid for
    For all the drugs that I bought for her
    That she lives today
    Beats a thin crust pizza for many months

    And then the pharmacist is a kinder man
    Than the pizza place