• shadowofthoughts_ 27w

    Sometimes it's tough to be consistent, sometimes it's hard to close your eyes, sometimes life is just in this moment, and sometimes this moment is just a dream, sometimes the hopes are colourless, the love has always been blind, but what if this life in itself is a joke. some #questions have no answers, and some answers are never questioned. what if it's all an illusion. you me and this text?
    And what if instead of a comma i use a fullstop and disappear.

    #1310 Oh my! @writersnetwork Tysm!!❤️

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    a reason to love, a reason to shine, a reason to rain, a reason to fail, a reason to breathe, a fate to meet, a reason to write. but oh i never had any, shall i still pen, the words that will never touch the sky of your peace, the maybes that maybe will never exist, and the life that is going to end.
    shall i?