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    There is this certain aspect of memories being imbibed into inanimate objects of not much significance up until that point which you notice them. You might not have thought there lay any relevance to the word dusk and dawn or even associated them with the those many times that you have watched them in passing. But then people come into the spheres of your life like the rain drops perched upon a leaf during the monsoon. Pitter patter it drops and thus it goes, on and on until it flows, up until the moment it stays as a rhyme in your mind and then it glows.

    Some people feel like the person you know will not judge you even if they say they hate you whenever they see you. Sometimes it feels better to hear that someone hates you when you know they might smile with it too. They will mess up your vocabulary of perfectly ruined languages by claiming to teach your the best ways regarding it's usage. Now you end up with a broken vocabulary and reassure yourself that your abilities to perfectly raise the temper of your teachers still exists. People that actually try to make you feel as if you scaled the everest for every little thing that you do are what makes the muxture of simplest and most opposite of words jumbled together have some meaning to it. Some sort of pleasant memory becomes attached to it, it reflects the person that uses it when someone remembers it.

    We associate memories with songs and end up reliving them with the people we spent them with. I think it's the same with letters and words or even sentences. You imbibe memories into words too. Of some people.

    To friends that are worth it

    @dusky_dawn (I still cant understand the meaning of that name but people love it here because you made it so)

    Happy Birthday Guruji❤️

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