• kin_jo 31w

    Memory fades to this day brother @kehta_hai_joker

    Words of his spread hope so big
    Words so jovial and band-aid banter, His style of comic
    An effulgent ray amongst the world so dark
    With a heart so tender, a rare gleaming spark
    An invigorating breeze chasing away the gloom
    Spreading smiles and giggles in magic woods tune
    A brother, a friend, a kind of light
    Tho, A gleaming star in the blue moon delight

    A year back he found a new place
    to roast, grow and reside
    Teaching us lessons of unborn tomorrow
    in the silent night


    Words of his spread hope so big
    A mine of happiness yielding more the more you dig
    A bright sunshine in a world so sad
    Infectious humor turning everything good from bad
    A brother, friend, poet, comedian
    Living by ideology of carpe diem
    Full of vigor making life memorable
    Weaving his own endearing fable
    Always in our memories and our thoughts
    All his battles he bravely fought
    A guiding light to love our lives
    His hopeful vivacious spirit surely never dies!!//



    Words of his, spread hope so big
    Like the fragrance of those old books
    He held wisdom, courage and knowledge
    Whilst hugging humour, love and positivity

    Just like his Pen-name
    He put smiles on everyone's faces
    Whether with the roasts, banter or jokes
    He made Mirakee a home for many

    He welcomed the new budding writers
    Revered and admired the old ones
    Through his quill he wrote masterpieces
    Addressing the societal taboos and issues

    He was a staunch film lover
    Often replied with legendary dialogues
    Even dedicated a post to his favorite film
    But never 'Acted' and adhered to 'Realness' in reality

    And such was our dear brother,
    Who only believed in going forward
    For the show must go on
    Yehi Kehta hai Joker


    We love you ��


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    Joker, the name he chose for himself . Only thing he know was to spread smile and laughter, to celebrate the carnival of life. With his quick wit and humour in no time he touched hearts.
    His quill sharp and aware , steered topics on reality.

    A quill that scripted and roasted brought instant cheer and happiness. A well read persona with brilliant command on language , a football enthusiastic and a jovial person who chose humour by his side even in the burning ember state.

    My brother joker with correct aptitude and attitude slept witnessing time a year back leaving behind tonnes of laughter, memories and smiles.