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    /In the battlefield of households,
    She is the bravest warrior./

    Born as a daughter,
    she carries the burdens
    of outdoing her brother,
    of being obedient and gentle,
    to hold the prestige of her father's name,
    before her own self-respect and aspirations.

    Married to an unknown man,
    she hides behind the crimson veils
    of a wife's responsibility,
    her forhead embossed with sindoor,
    her wrists bound with duty of being
    a perfect housemaker.

    And soon she becomes a carrier,
    of her own daughter,
    whom she teaches to shoulder the legacy
    of womanhood, as she does,
    till her hearse arrives at the doorstep
    of her unheard dreams crushed under
    the heaviness of society's conventions.

    /A woman, is never her own self,
    She is always a man's daughter, wife or mother. /


    ~ But men, they never value her virtues and sacrifices. They always treat her like an object according to their own convenience.

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