• umerbhat 96w


    We people are concocting barriers of inequality
    Despite of knowing that we are the creations of one diety
    We are greatly asundering black and the white
    And don't care savouring equity is everybody's right
    We are categorizing beings on the basis of corium color
    And don't think overcoming impediments needs everybody's valour
    We are driving people on the picayune grounds of caste
    And didn't remember teachings of elders of the past
    We are divesting people from their emancipation
    And are haunting everybody's good contemplation
    We are manipulating religion to transact chores of inhumanity
    Because we don't know every religion teaches us humanity
    We people are vitiating the peace of this universe
    By making the dissimilitudes increasingly worse
    White lives matter and the ,Black lives matter
    These are the slogans one should remember
    Let's concorantly expunge these human diversities
    And let everyone relish its much meriting equalities