• inkandfable670 30w

    Brilliance,craftiness and excellence ,they consist
    And love to play with human beings
    With their smart tricks they always win
    Just a single move will knock you out,

    Turns down the smile of a clown
    A gloomy soul can be cure by their warmth
    When they wrap a surgery cloak
    Even wisest can forget their path,

    In the charismatic attire of flattery
    Can deceive with their classic look
    When they hold the sword of criticism
    The admirables becomes nervous and phants ,

    When they befriended with a text of prose
    Knowledge, learning, wisdom arose
    In the form of poetry provide pleasure
    Emerge emotions in frozen heart ,

    Sometimes, they disguise themselves in
    the lyric of a song
    And silently touch your hidden wounds
    Their bond with fiction is adamant and strong
    Which makes you believe magical world around,

    What a splendid players words are
    Seek pleasure in playing with hearts.


    #character #wod

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    What a splendid players WORDS are
    Seek pleasure in playing with hearts.