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    1. "Dil sambhal jaa zara" in the voice of Raza bhai murdered the chit-chats of every mouth present there & spread the essence of mohabbat in the lab without any use of guitar or piano.

    2. Game tasked Saiman bhai to create fun by doing a prank call. But he made us indebted by gifting lots of laughter through each of his random talks from beginning to end.

    3. A dancer's talent doesn't sleep if she has not watched the steps of a trending dance song. A true friend seeks the presence of her friend & stays ready to stand by the side of that friend, always. Priyadarshini didi showed these theories practically that day.

    4. Putting a fullstop to our pratiksha, a fairy wearing a white fit & flare landed in the lab too late. She openly confessed, "I love you". But we couldn't know if her heart was big enough to give that love to everyone present over there or her heart was selective enough to dedicate those three words to her only one.  Anyways, her confession had a suppressed echo "We love you too, Pratikshya didi"

    5. Despite being a "nuabohu" in an odia family, Birajita didi kept our request without ignoring it. She came, talked to us, smiled with us, shared lunch table with us, spent time with us. These were more than enough for us.

    6. From denying for a catwalk to dancing comfortably with Arjun bhaiya, Barsha didi made us realize why everyone should cherish the company of their special ones & get lost in the moment of their togetherness without caring the judgemental mouths & gazing eyes of others.

    7. With his fluent speech, funny acting & frank dance, Arjun bhaiya was slaying like a Bollywood hero that day. But his sambalpuri kurta was saying the story of his affection & inclination towards a Western Odisha tukel.

    8. None can stop admiring Ananth bhaiya the way he was clicking photos of others continuously without an iota of irritation on his face. But his worth-appreciating maturity got coated with worth-watching cuteness when he posed for selfies & whirled in the arms of Saiman bhai.

    9. Mohan bhaiya fell into the tough trap of his assigned task. But he got spared from the sandal of Nibedita didi that day. Otherwise, his  kneel down pose, red balloon propose & mu tumaku bhala pae could have got a different reciprocation.

    10. It was worth-listening the way Rakesh bhaiya showed his gratitude to the professors by recollecting memories about each of them. Loud applaud rained on Rakesh bhaiya when he was smoothly swaying like a stick in the wind of music.

    11. Preetham bhaiya's act of convincing customers for the beauty products was a fun feast for every pair of eyes present there. And his clean shaved face was giving an extra edge to his comedy, be it in acting or dancing.

    12. Pragati didi was there amidst the laughter of everyone when her photo appeared in the video. Nibedita didi was there in the lips of some & the minds of others when Mohan bhaiya was playing whisper challenge game. Anil bhai was there in the complaint of someone due to his physical absence & in the happiness of that someone due to his videocall presence.

    13. From skipping dinner to standing in the department for long, from planning everything properly to peeking into every arrangement cautiously, Bhagyalaxmi did a lot to turn the farewell idea into reality.

    14. That day, the perfect saree look of Saswaty made the beauty bow down before her. Standing for hours to give justice to her anchoring duty must have not been easy for her. Still, she did that.

    15. Daina's arrangement for catering was proved to be perfect. The arrival of dishes much before lunchtime gave some peace to the minds of everyone by snatching away all the fear & anxiety related to past experience.

    16. From slam book to selfie zone, fingerprints of Numa were significant. From welcoming the seniors with tilak to treating the teachers with tea, the way she managed to move here and there continuously was really appreciable.

    17. Inspite of being the little one in terms of health & height, Amisha had put a lot of effort in pumping the balloons to shape them & in stretching her body to decorate them on walls.

    18. Suprija left everyone in awe with her amazing dance. Without her effort in arranging laptop, speaker & games, the programme must have lost all its charm.

    19. Sushrut deserved loads of salutes for the way he did his duty as a batchmate, as a junior by hiding his image of a broken son with the sheen of his wide smile.

    20. Behind that 4 min memory video, 7 hours effort of Kiran was there. By giving content for the cards, by insisting to gift photoframes, by helping in many things, he proved himself as a good classmate, a dear junior & a responsible human.

    21. Holding a sweet smile on his face, Subhajyoti was always there to spread positive vibes all around. From coming college to convince teachers & decoration to filling teacups, he made his presence felt with his small small acts.

    22. When the farewell began with the welcome script, Ananya's presence was sensed through her words. Diti, Swetalina & Subhalaxmi were missed badly.

    Atisarga was meant to say au revoir to seniors.
    But memories of it were destined to stay in our hearts even after its end...