• myrrhc 22w

    it's weird how much i think i'm too much of words yet they always feel like they're not enough. there are moments in my head that make me count the number of times i've talked about this and that, like a bicycle pedal, something you push and turn over to move forward. sometimes, you can feel the edges of words just downright stuck in your throat or jammed in your mouth seconds before you decide to swallow them back whole. it feels like a stone to me. not even just that. probably a rock even. a solidified something that gravity pulls into what your ribs house and just remaining stuck there, in between your lungs and the organ that tells you maybe you are alive (that could be the brain too, couldn't it. but you get the point). the thing is, there are perhaps so many things to talk about, so little space to fill in for the rest of your sentence's parentheses intended for the ideas you think but anxious to say. that's the problem perhaps. anxiety. it's even hard to distinguish for those who don't have chains tied around their meninges, better for those who have it around their skulls instead. or maybe not, if it becomes too tight the bones can also crush the vessels inside so there'd be physical plus mental pain now. but that really isn't the main point. as to what causes the invasives, the brain is its nemesis. it's just as quick as loosing the bicycle chain during the ride. the rest of the course in that case would be dependent on the inclination of the road and if your breaks are still intact (it's supposed to be brakes, but the former can possibly make sense if you think about it). words are easy to be undermined and that's undeniable. there are two sides of the coin as everybody else says, but not always an ocean under the sky. i feel like marceline's mother from adventure time was wrong when she said "the underside is lighter when you turn it around." not everybody is lying on a picnic blanket nor a bed of grass. sometimes what makes you fall asleep is the one that pulls you awake. for i've realized that i can't say anything more or less that can change the freedom of the world from taking or not, but perhaps i should at least fry my words a little less burnt. because they only either get stuck in your throat or downright swallowed back whole.

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