• ade___ 39w

    This wasn't meant to be a poem. I'm just expressing my current feelings. This is just venting and I would've done it on a chat with one of my friends but they're all offline or busy so I just needed someone to listen.

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    I have so much hate now
    Crawling through my veins
    Like pitch black factory tar.
    And I want to hurt the things around me
    I want to hurt the living and the dead
    I want to return all the scars on my skin
    Tear out the knives in my heart
    And return it tenfold.
    And I want to turn my tears into acid
    To burn everything under my eyes.
    I did not deserve this.
    I can hear all my bones twist and crack
    And my heart and mind
    Screaming into my flesh
    And it's time I shared this feeling

    I did not deserve this.
    I did not deserve this.
    And I wish I wasn't human
    Because then I really could exact my hate-
    My holy revenge.