• jpdiya 21w

    Tangled thoughts.


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    | Jigsaw puzzle

    We people are like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
    Having same heads and holes but with different
    pictures on it. And when we try to solve, some get
    along easily and some don't, where some can't ensue
    the exact outcome even though they fit in shape.
    Thus we move around the pieces, hither and thither.
    We keep looking for another until we feel complete.
    It takes time. It's okay. Though one fix quickly, one
    has to hold it till end. While some tricks us, some are
    also tricked by us. Some feel guilt and some doesn't
    even care. We hate some and some are loved. It's
    okay again. 'Cause afterall none are same. Each
    piece got their own colour. All are painted unique. We
    can't blame anyone's existence. They are just needed
    to be put in the right place to see a bigger consequence.
    ~ it takes effort and courage.
    (Sometimes sacrifice too.)