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    Is this random when I say that I know you?


    I know how you've stayed shocked to the point no tears came out of your eyes and you questioned your humanity

    I know how momentarily lose sense of yourself and start breathing way too fast
    and the world seems too much to bear for your lungs

    I know how you stopped telling people your name fearing they'd recognise you as that weird kid around there

    I know how some people thought you were too much to be among them. About how they left you out just because they felt taking you in might hurt their social statuses.. society.. you scoffed

    I know how you cry after years, you just can't stop and end up laughing in between thinking how messed up everything has to be at that moment

    I know how you panic all of a sudden and you can't stop, you can't stop the worst imaginations taking over your mind

    Breathe.. this is where I ask you to do the very thing you hate

    I know you. I am me, you and us, what matters is that we know each other. What are we really if we can't be overwhelmed by our minds.. you don't have to blame yourself for it.. I'd ask you to blame me.. I have seen you suffer but chose to ignore you when you were near. I'm afraid but so were you. I'm ruined but so are you. I am you. But then why do our colours matter. Why do our shapes matter. Why do our sizes matter. Lumped together.. I am you!

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