• alijah62 27w


    It hurts doesn't it?

    When you decide to be something
    and life hits you with a different thing,
    After finishing your plans and
    Closing your eyes to sleep with the mind to start the very next day.

    Doesn't it hurt when you create and idea and it's better done by someone else?
    The inferiority complex that comes with a half done job, finished by another stranger.
    The feeling of seeing it better executed than you even dreamt of
    The dread of creating yet another imperfection.

    It hurts doesn't it?

    When everyone thinks you're perfect at what you do
    But you know, it could be better.
    Everyone pushes you as you're tired
    Tired of being told what to do and when to do it.

    But you know what hurts the most? Giving up and watching someone else live the life you could have lived.