• deepsea 204w

    Desiring Her

    They want the crazy girls
    Who leap through flames with them.
    They want the bright ones
    That sparkle like a hidden gem.
    They go ahead and call it love,
    They claim to give their hearts,
    But darling, what are you playing at?
    You're just crazy about the fun parts.
    You don't like her silent nights,
    You can't stand her nightmares,
    You hate all her insecurities,
    As she cries about faded scars.
    Do you call that love,
    When you don't want her whole?
    You just want that crazy girl,
    The one who plays her role,
    Laughs like there's nothing wrong,
    And is always ready to dance.
    If she really was so flawless, baby,
    Do you think you'll stand a chance?