• themoonandthesun 15w

    23 April 2022 #loneliness @writersnetwork @miraquill #amru_wn_repost #amru_pod

    This piece is for all my fellow miraquill writers. Thank you for making me feel less lonely in this crowd. Thank you for being that flicker of light in my bad days and buddle of joy in my best days. Thank you for existing.

    Love- A

    Thank you so much dear fam. ♥
    Thank you for POD ��

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    No, I'm not L O N E L Y

    Stop dictating my feelings
    Don't tell me how lonely
    I am and how droopy my
    eyes have become
    Don't tell me how alone
    I feel and how willowy my
    arms yearn for hugs

    If I were lonely, I wouldn't
    smile this much, knowing
    at times I smile too much
    If I were lonely, I wouldn't
    enjoy my alone time, aware
    at times I enjoy it seldom

    Ask the millennial old tree
    of friendship, lt will write
    you a letter of loneliness
    Ask the merry Nightingale
    of cuddles, it will sing
    you a melody of solitude

    Jogging with the crowd
    Jostling past those unloved
    I see shadows of hope
    Fissures of failing harmony
    Don't preach about loneliness
    Stop dictating my feelings

    Because I acquainted with him,
    The one called L O N E L I N E S S,
    he ached for a friend, holding my tears.
    No longer alone, I've got a friend in him