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    Billions of heart break in
    the smokey streets of this
    borough .Nevertheless
    another warrior Awaits for
    an appaling revenge. They
    call these the plays of
    dark night. Bruised faces ,
    Rugged shirts ,Bloodshed
    on streets , So clear as
    if the torches are planted
    in eye sockets.


    It's just a ritual as human life
    has no meaning so they are
    devoured in to impress holy
    demons. Boiling red in their veins
    Protrudes the youth behind
    the wrinkled faces. Each one
    Coughs as the paprika Bursts in

    Few find the hymn of tranquility
    In some hushed stary nights
    somewhere a cuckoo bird
    Awaits love. A mother hopes
    His sons holds to his sanity.
    Yet this Paprika town has
    it's garden filled with blooms
    Of innocence.

    Between these chaos and cries
    a tot sings the glories
    Of this paprika town.



    #perhapsc #paprikatown

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