• chinu27 18w


    It's been half an hour since I and Taehyung are sitting in my room, face to face on my bed. Neither of us is speaking, more specifically, he is not at all uttering even a single word while whenever I try to speak something, he gestures me to be quite. And that gesture, is done in a cold way.

    But now this was killing me. I mean, he is not speaking up and is not even ready to let me speak. Is this some kind of game?!

    "Enough!" I broke the silence.

    "What is your problem? What's up with your old and rotty behavior towards me?"

    Taehyung looked at me and his eyes were now boring into mine.

    "I gave you a limited time. You were supposed to come home by 8 I guess." He said, his voice was deeper and colder than usual.

    "Come on Taehyung! You can't really expect me to be in home exactly by time. Also it's my choice! You are no one to tell me what to do and what not." I snapped at him.

    He scoffed and then said, "Listen! I know you don't really think of me as someone really high. Trust me if this was heaven, I would have punished you or thrown you to hell myself. Oh wait! You already are going to hell for disrespecting your guardian angel."

    I was about to speak but he spoke again.

    "If I am telling you something, it's for your own welfare. I am not at all interested either in you or your life. You seriously don't know, there is danger lurking out there."

    Okay! That shit hurt a little bit. It was pretty rude I guess, or was I expecting something else from him?

    "Fine! I do very well know about your interests. I don't even want a man like you to be interested in me. You might be my guardian angel but trust me, you don't have the standards to even match me." I snapped back while Taehyung bit his inner cheek.

    "And now that you have said you are not at all interested here, so why the hell are you even with me? Just ask your higher authorities, or whatever you call them, to change my guardian angel. At least I won't have to see your face!" I said and stood up to open my room's door.

    "Here!" I said while showing him the way out of my room."I never called you in my life, so it's better to throw out the uninvited guest to have a better life."

    I know I was being rude. But something inside me was hurt, and I am not that good to just let this go.

    Taehyung stood up and came towards me.

    "So do you really think you never invited me? I hope you know, no organism can survive without its guardian angel. You need me."

    I let out a sarcastic laugh and then said, "Well, unfortunately I am able to see you. This means that I won't be able to ignore you when you are with me, the reason being that you are so annoying. And I want peace in my life. Also, I am enough for myself. I don't need you, that's it!"

    "Fine!" He said (or maybe he growled).

    "Now that you have already said a lot, I guess I should leave. Because a rude girl like you doesn't need to be protected, in fact, she needs to see what's out there."

    Within a moment, he vanished, leaving behind those white sparkles and particles.

    My heart ached a little. I was never really harsh with anyone. But this time, I don't even know what happened to me. I don't know what took over me. I know Taehyung is going to feel bad now. No matter how much I say that I do not believe he is my guardian angel, somewhere deep down I know that he is my guardian angel.

    But now what can I do? He shouldn't have really messed up with me. Also, I am not at all going to apologize to him, at least for now.