• agypsysoul 142w

    Can't let you go

    People die here everyday
    Then why the loss of that one person is unbearable.
    Life doesn't cease to exist
    With the non-existence of that person
    Then why do we cease to live
    Some people desperately want to live
    For love for someone
    There are others who are determined to die
    For the love of someone
    Why despite of being loved by so many
    Life seems incomplete and hollow
    Without that one person
    Why the emptiness, the vaccum created is so much
    That even if every other person loves you
    Their love together can't fill the void
    This love is dangerous
    This love is destructive
    This love is madness
    I have seen this love
    Not in movies or in tales
    Witnessed it, cried, tried to stop it
    The person was so engulfed with love
    Of that one person in his life
    He ignored the tears, and the cries
    But then it wasn't him, he was in love afterall
    This was his way to show, to express
    He decided he would cease to exist
    But I know he will not
    He will be there in person among us
    And in our heart, in our memories
    No you can't cease to exist
    Won't let you win, not this time
    You have to be back, You can't go, no not this time