• amsterdam 17w

    The night is a stranger
    With sad eyes,
    A rush of bleak memories
    Trickle on the brittle margins
    Of a stone-cold spine
    Like scattered lyrics
    Of songs strumming sins and pain,

    The night is a stranger,
    A pale ghost
    Of a nameless girl
    With a smile borrowed
    From a songbird,
    Have you seen the sun
    Tiptoe on the edge of euphoria
    Before bad luck
    Struck more than twice?
    Is it too late
    To dry tears
    And cast fears
    To the moonstone skies?

    And when the song
    Softly playing in my heart ends,
    And the pale ghosts
    Dwindle with the fading notes
    In a spiral
    Of gaunt beginnings
    and cinematic endings
    with paradoxes and insecurities,

    I want to know
    If by then
    You'll still remember
    How to say my name.

    rusty #portrait

    hi @murryben I'll tell you what happened to me someday. Thank you for everything. ILY.��
    This is just a quick hello from the virtual grave. :))
    Belated Merry Christmas and HNY everyone! ����

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