• sanyogita 179w

    Cards in my drawer were shining victoriously today morning, they could dip my eyes in nostalgia again,

    Flowers preserved in the wine bottle were not paper cut, their originality pumped life in me,

    Candles that burned have fulfilled wishes that never rolled out of the palate, canvas was white, painting a rainbow all along with the mirror of our hearts,

    The sky was blue and the air whiffed our love to the unicorns, they passed the legacy to waters, every drop in the ocean trips on love and every ripple leaves an echo of our names,

    Leaves that fell down in autumn covered mosses and meadows, it made me feel winter and spring at the same time,

    Our hands played shadows with the light that caressed our legs and the window was open to curtain our night,

    And since that moment, I've loved none but you.