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    Yes, I was wrong.

    You were like those daybreaks that come everyday. Unconsciously neglected. But always loved.
    By the time I realised how much the dawn meant to me, it was already dark. And the darkness just became darker. I waited for the next daybreak, but it never came.
    The sunrise used to come. Everyday.
    I always knew that it would come again. Just like it always did. So I just waited.
    And waited.
    Until one day it faded.

    It was always bright, the sunlight. It winked at me, and painted the vast canvas with paints that I loved. It sent the breeze to soothe me. It stroked my pain away with its breaths. It cured my scars with its remedies.
    But I never knew. I saw how much it cared for me. But I never paid heed.
    All I saw was that it would come back. One day. It would. Always.
    But why would it?
    Did I give it back the love that it deserved?
    Did I ever care for it the way it cared for me?
    Did I ever take its pain upon me, the way it always did?
    Did I ever try to understand it's love?
    Did I ?

    I thought things could be taken for granted.
    I thought it would come back. Every time.
    I was selfish.

    /I never knew what darkness meant, until the light left me forever. /
    I never knew that darkness could turn even darker.
    Now I look at the moon, and ask her to bring back it's love. I beg her to love him once more.
    "You lost him. You lost me my love." She said.
    Even her crescent faced downwards. She didn't smile the way she used do.

    /Dusk lost the dawn/
    And so I walked on the moonlit sand, alone.
    You were my light. Now it is all dark.
    Just fragments. Of what? I don't even know.

    I thought I could get love, without giving it back.
    I thought I could get your respect, without giving it to you.
    I was selfish.
    Yes, I was wrong.
    And I am sorry.

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