• aahilmir 27w

    I've faced it rough in life and life is still roughing
    me up
    Suddenly the sun is not shining on me the same
    way it used to be
    And there's neither music to sing nor slogans to
    chant under the rain,the drops on my almost
    bare skin is to much pain to bear
    Nights are cold and no matter how bold I
    pretend to be my nerve is selling me out
    The future was opening up for me but
    struggling with what the present presents
    makes the next moment an illusion
    Hope says I'm gonna make it
    Determination says that I have to make
    Experience tell me to survive today,if tomorrow
    comes and I'm still breathing,I shall live again
    Outside the wind blows,and tree sway in no
    particular pattern
    There are no bird to chirp on trees
    Only rats squeak on the falling ceiling above
    Night is falling,the sky is dark
    Tonight it's going to pour
    If tomorrow comes and I still can breath
    I shall live again

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