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    1. Madhya Pradesh mulling to postpone boards, to reopen school with 50% capacity.

    2. Netflix's 'Kaali Kaali Aankhien' to return with season 2.

    3. Shaan collaborates with international rapper Delsol for his latest release.

    4. YouTube's video player is getting a new look on android and IOS.

    5. PM Modi now has over 1 crore YouTube subscribers, highest among top world leaders.

    6. United States :Omricon accounts for 99.9% of new weekly covid cases.

    7. Meta adds 3D avatars to Instagram stories and DMs.

    8. Loki Season two reportedly expected to begin filming this summer.


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    1. The very first passenger tram was horse-drawn and entered in service in 1807 in Wales, UK.

    2. There are 200 kilometers of cables inside a high speed train, that's as many as in an Airbus A380!

    3. Football legend Dennis Bergkamp, << the non-flying Dutchman », travelled only by car or by train, for fear of taking the plane.

    4. The first ever dining-car entered service in the United States in 1868, onboard the Delmonico train.

    5. A train is referred to as "high speed" if it can exceed 250 km/h.

    6. The Qinghai-Tibet line in China, which culminates at 5.072m, is the highest railway line in the world.

    7. One train alone can carry more passengers than an Airbus A380.

    8. Airbus A380 is the plane that carries maximum number of people at once.

    9. The total area of contact between the steel wheel of a metro and the rail is the size of a coin.

    10. The Shanghai Maglev Train, opened in 2004, is the fastest commercial passenger maglev in operation, at 431 km/h. In Shanghai, china.


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    Shayad khushii ka daur bhi aa jaaye ek din Faraz, Gham bhi to mil gaye thay tamanna kiye baghair...

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    ☆ Fatuous:

    Foolish or silly, especially in a smug or
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