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    I think thanks is the most underrated word and we have not exchanged it sufficiently. I think we should use that word often and that in no way will affect our bond. So thanks for accepting me, bearing me in all situations, standing wid me and having my back always. You do 108% everytime wherever i was involved and you make sure it's a smooth sail all the time. A big Thank You❤

    A big "Sorry" for making you wait, for text, for reaching you, for calls and all dumb things we do together. SORRY for making you feel like loser at times, sorry for making excuses when I was able, sorry for last minute cancellation, sorry for leaving you amd sorry for fomo everytime you express and i make fun of it. Again sorry is overrated and saying it makes one look like a loser, and i don't think so. It's a medicine to maintain healthy relationship. So sorry and I mean it.❤

    Share it with whom ever you feel the same way❤

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    My dear friendey (Yes you only)

    Look up you idiot.. On the captions.