• eusmaph 158w


    History never taught me about you
    It just flaunted about the past
    I still don't see the beauty it has
    As you do
    For what is there in the past
    As much as the tough bond which we share...

    Mathematics just taught how to walk in life
    Maybe without it I can't survive in the society
    But it still didn't teach me what you taught
    You taught me the meaning of one word
    And that word taught me life

    Biology taught me what I am of
    But it was not all true
    I have courage
    I have strength
    I have love
    I am even that
    But it was you who taught me that
    We together created a word
    Which is the first word in my dictionary

    Politics is always boring
    It never intrested me
    But I am sure
    We have fought more and worse than those in the parliament
    We were the parliament of our constitution
    We were the country, the ruler and the law

    Oh! That subject gave me the shivers
    I struggled
    And I suffocated
    But not once did I suffocate in the chemistry we shared
    Nor did I have a single doubt in how our bond was
    Its type, its strength
    Everything lay in my fingertips
    And never once did I drown in the deep waters of our chemistry

    Geography and its maps
    Were once my favourite
    But the day I had to mark where you rested
    In a map
    I despised it

    It conveyed a lot
    Through many stories
    Each had a tale
    But our tale in all languages remained the same

    Many might mistake these
    So I clarify
    This is for a friend of mine
    Whose soul rests in the bond we share
    And he rests beneath a pool of sands
    Behind a ever-so-bright glass
    With his eyes closed forever
    Which I foolishly hope
    Will open one day for me

    I will await you
    My friend
    No matter
    How long it takes ...