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    / pray, love, believe and stay like a 6yrs rather than following, praising and leaving like a 80yrs! /

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    young lads receive letters,
    "doors to the church are closed!"

    toddler of ages 80, 60, 20, 119....
    mourn together.
    fallen wings of theirs hang on either sides.

    whilst grown ups of ages 6, 10, 30, 90....
    kneel before empty walls,
    no cross, nor the pictures, statues
    of the son of man,
    still, with their
    homes and wings burned into ashes,
    they pray.

    snakes shed their skins hastily,
    gathering lost lambs to devour them,
    just as scriptures revealed,
    sweet is the fresh faith.

    losing everything doesn't let love down,
    those who love their faith and
    believe their love,
    get reincarnated from the same ashes.

    same devil that preys over happiness,
    gets dragged, chained and left in the abyss.

    doves adore those faithful lovers,
    like a kid by heart,
    walking by the fire, not a scratch o'er them,
    well where were you when,
    it spread it's wings?
    for a church is in heart,
    it shall not be destroyed like wings.