• kairos_ 74w

    He has been still like a sage,
    sprouting roots in the middle of the parched earth.
    We've known each other for a while, the tree and I.

    I've seen the winds surrounding him, whispering like mongers of gossip and rumours.

    Rains betrayed him more than once, who offered water at a price which was more than his gratitude.

    He prayed to the Sun God who preached equality, never shining on him yet he practiced, giving shade to all.

    I ask him why he sits still weathering all, he says you're helpless, you can only watch.
    He smiled.

    Perched on his shoulder,
    I smiled back and flew away to a greener tree.

    - T.S.

    Picture credits - Me

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    "Grew a tree with love,
    and cut it with care."