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    Candle's sojourn ended long agone,
    Only wax remain on the floor.
    No scream nor no moan,
    Nothing to enjoy but be bored.
    Senses took leave and bid farewell,
    But even then it really felt well.

    Sun had set and darkness took over.
    The only light got extinguished,
    Abruptly all got sober
    And the night got relinquished.
    Initial silence became tiring ,
    And it got more while it was retiring.

    I could not but stop the sob for hope
    All went in vain said my inner self.
    It wasn't the end yet , for I had to cope
    And keep moving until the clock strikes twelve.
    I mustered up courage , now that I failed
    In every aspect , to get up to what was impaled.

    I stood again on my own two feet,
    Limping but still, steady enough.
    I went to where darkness and light meet,
    I was tired, so I let out a huff.
    Opened the cage and I stood across
    As pulled me to light, some delicate floss.


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