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    @namastayaway ❤️ You made me scribble today!

    Thank you so much @miraquill for EC (20) ��

    Coralling all the courage and respiring rustles of life with a sanguine smile on the meditative mien, managing obstacles of office, cooking chuckles for closed ones, dropping her toddler to the school of societal success she drives in the lane of loneliness every day of the week wating for the Saturday to solace her struggling soul with a chalice of champagne in her cozy couch before the brazier burning all the blotches of burdens of the wobbling week.

    Rambling on the road with the tiny hands in patchy pockets to the institution of so called education which will eradicate the mourns and miseries of his life, he just counts the days remaining to reach the rising sun of Sunday to hug his father tightly in to never let him go asking for a promise to purchase a pair of pants which will save him from being an object of obscurity in the class of cold sixty.

    Holding the hope of happiness he dwells in the dreams of scirbbling a story of solicitude, on the same sticky notes which were glued with gaity and generosity of his "life" with different colours dipping his quill in rainbow of reminiscences:

    Violet on Monday to malign the monotony with her mesmerizing mien's magic

    Indigo on Tuesday to transcribe the turbulence of her tenderness and touch

    Blue on Wednesday to weave the warming wishes for her wholly existence

    Green on Thursday to thank thunderstorms of his life for illuminating the path to panacea

    Yellow on Friday to flourish the feelings of the forever in the forlorn fall

    Orange on Saturday to sail in the sky of her scintillating smiles

    Red on Sunday to seek for a support to the shivering spine of her solicitude's existence!


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    PS: I really forgot how to write ��

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    Welcoming weekend

    Travelling in the train of fervent fridays to
    enter ecstasy of Saturday's sodden skylines
    cosmos knits kaftan of delighted dreams with
    thread of Tuesday and wool of Wednesday for a
    tired Thursday craving to cwtch the soulful Sunday.