• windsor 20w

    My worth words a thousand smirks

    If a smile is worth a thousand words..why not
    A word be worth a thousand flirts this one skirts alone for awhile and my thousand words in one
    Versed (a~why~Hell) awhile)
    why not a word is worth a thousand smiles
    one place averse
    to hurt saved change, a~fare to have was a trade~or ~ a~loan never no change
    rated per~verse skirted for~words this place to feel one emursed
    At best a skirt pursued
    exchange Jerks for words buy~in
    by an affair ranking perverse
    Being more in range for second worn smirks
    lay away in banks wading for watt~ears burst
    words weight of smiles
    What's worst words (wait) for smiles
    Having a~fare with trade~or
    at bestbuy~in a~loan a~fare rate perverse