• _firefly 11w

    I have been growing hope in your backyard,
    in secret, lining it silently behind
    the white petals of petunias and lilies
    you smell everyday before the sunrays
    kiss the feet of your grass filled garden.
    There is so much beauty and serenity
    dripping down your hazel brown eyes,
    which cry every night for all the untold
    myriad losses your bones have braved.
    You smile like those abandoned flowers,
    your mother left to wither, after your
    father's cremation, for they reminded
    her of his gentle words and kind heart.
    And the courage in your crimson cheeks
    expands as you see the sun, rise every
    morning, tirelessly, blazing all alike.
    You carry those petals to decorate your
    hair and your heart, scenting your presence
    with the golden hope, my hands weaved for you.


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    PS. For a friend. ��

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