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  • potter__y 13w

    #author #book #books #story #stories #writer #writersblock


    Books tell stories, that we know.
    But who tells the story of a book, though?
    The pages once crisp, now falling apart;
    Let me tell you from the start.

    The sun rose warm and bright that day
    And inspiration took her breath away
    "Forget the food, I have to write!"
    And so she did, for a day and a night.

    But soon the words had passed by,
    Though her pen was not yet dry -
    And so she went for breakfast, filled with dismay
    Then realised, she had written for a whole day!

    And so the days and nights passed,
    The unfinished story tugged at her heart
    But when the words would not come through
    What, o what, was she to do?

    Then saw what she needed all along;
    The beauty of a child's song.
    And was hit with ideas so numerous
    She ran to her book; the world became timeless.

    For days and nights she wrote and wrote,
    Sleep and food almost vetoed.
    The genius finally pulled through,
    And in her hands lay her book new.

    Soon in print, it reached the stores,
    And then it crossed several shores,
    Finally coming into my hands;
    Maybe this was already planned?

    The book lies in my room tonight,
    It's pages worn, cover no longer tight
    But it's soul lies in its heart
    And so I go back to the start.

    This today that I have narrated
    The story of a book most beloved
    For books tell us stories, we know,
    But I tell you the story of a book, though!

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    The Story of a Book


  • potter__y 26w


    What Do The Colours Say?

    What do the colours say?
    The hues that surround us—
    The reds, pinks, greens and whites
    That light up our world.

    Then there are blacks and browns
    A pretty contrast with the lights,
    Making such a beautiful picture
    That fills the heart with delight.

    Sober white speaks for purity,
    While glittering gold talks decadence,
    Red is passion, a burning fire,
    And the deep purple, elegance.

    Yellow speaks of a sunny day,
    Orange, of a sunset bright.
    Grey reminds me of a stormy evening
    And black, of a starry night.

    What do the colours say?
    That light up the skies,
    And paint the landscape so sublime,
    A feast for everybody’s eyes!

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    What Do The Colours Say


  • potter__y 30w

    #beauty #poetry

    Taking down writer's block, one piece at a time!
    The Idea of Beauty

    Beauty—it's such a pretty word;
    Conjures all sorts of delicacies in the mind.
    Like a book with fragrant petals
    Pressed in between it's binds.

    Or the laugh of a little babe—
    Sweet as honey, pure as gold.
    A form of beauty everlasting,
    One that's centuries and centuries old.

    A toothy smile from a little child
    On seeing a new playmate in the park.
    True beauty blossoms and lies
    In the friendship that between them starts.

    "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder",
    And these are what it means to me—
    Fragrant books, laughs and smiles.
    So what's your idea of beauty?

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    The Idea of Beauty

    "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder",
    And these are what it means to me—
    Fragrant books, laughs and smiles.

  • potter__y 34w

    #sunset #one-liner
    Just saw the sunset from my window today and thought of this...

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    It's better to fall in love with the sunset sky than to fall in love with the wrong person...

  • potter__y 34w

    With the current situations of the pandemic, the cyclone, and the Palestine situation, it feels as if the world is ending. Only a miracle can save us now.


    The world is burning, incensed,
    And the inferno rages on.
    As it destroys everything in its path,
    As it wrecks everything like a storm.

    The world is burning, screaming,
    Gasping for air, unable to breathe.
    Millions die as families sob,
    Crowds of people weep and weep.

    The world is burning, crying out,
    As little innocents are slaughtered.
    People cry and call for family,
    Parents are separated from son and daughter.

    The world is burning, pleading,
    As nature becomes our nemesis
    And man slaughters man;
    The world pleads for catharsis.

    The world is burning, suffocating,
    As humanity fights many forces at once
    While praying for some semblance of relief,
    As constantly as the daily rising sun.

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    The World Is Burning

    As nature becomes our nemesis
    The world pleads for catharsis


  • potter__y 39w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Jealousy

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    Green burns too...

  • potter__y 57w

    #pod #travel #wanderlust

    Paris, Venice, Tuscany, besides the whole of my own country India, there is so much to see! Wandering is probably the best way to be!

    Wanderlust and a Knapsack

    A little walk down a little road,
    A little bus at the bus stop,
    A little train station to go to,
    And a little train on which to hop.

    A little dream of a little girl,
    A little fun to be had,
    To explore this world a little bit
    To make make memories; crazy and mad.

    A little sightseeing to be done,
    A merry little trip to take,
    A little desire to fulfil
    And a little experience to gain.

    A little suitcase by my side,
    A little backpack already strapped,
    A little train station to go to,
    And a little train to catch.
    This poem is the break of my writer's block! Back on Mirakee after a long hiatus for the Facebook issue has been fixed. But class 10 is still going to take up my time, I hope my words can wait...

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    Wanderlust and a Knapsack

    "A little train station to go to,
    And a little train to catch..."

  • potter__y 93w

    #collab with my amazing sister @venya_20 !!! Hope all are safe and sound. #StayHomeStaySafe

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    Lockdown is the time for us to sit back and reflect on ourselves as Mother Earth gently nudges us, and allows herself to heal...

  • potter__y 94w

    #royalty #childhoodsweetheart #ceesreposts #pretttypic258 @bluepuppy01 @the_story_weed @venya_20 @vatsa_23

    I apologise if the poem is a bit corny, but on the whole I enjoyed writing it so,
    The Masked Prince

    The ballroom echoed with soft laughter
    The chandeliers were shining bright,
    And sometimes, a pair or two of young ones
    Would disappear into the gardens that night,

    The lovely princesses danced away,
    Their smiles as bright as the face of day.
    They hopped and swirled and pranced around
    As they flew about on the ground.

    The youngest, however, quietly sat,
    Her despair hidden by a forced smile,
    For who would ask the youngest to dance
    When the elder sisters were nigh?

    And as she sat their in despair,
    A young man approached her and asked for a dance,
    His face however, was hidden by a mask
    As the princess chanced a glance.

    And off they went, the loveliest couple of all,
    Gliding on the ballroom floor,
    The princess was delighted by her proficient partner
    And to discover his identity, twirled him towards the door,

    Whereupon, on lifting up the mask ,
    The princess gave a squeal of delight,
    For the mask hid the face of someone known,
    Her childhood bestfriend, the love of her life,
    And they danced away into the night.

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    The Masked Prince

    And on lifting up the mask ,
    The princess gave a squeal of delight,
    For the mask hid the face of someone known,
    Her childhood bestfriend, the love of her life,
    And they danced away into the night.

  • potter__y 97w

    #prettypic261 @bluepuppy01 @the_story_weed

    Hey all! I'm back after a long time cuz my exams just got over, hope to post regularly!
    (P.S.: This ain't the Black Widow I'm talking about ��)
    The Woman in Black

    The grey rain clouds hovered overhead,
    The day had turned dismal and dark.
    I covered my head against the onslaught of rain,
    On the empty road I stood out, stark.

    I looked around for some shade,
    Then gave up, defeated and in despair.
    My clothes were drenched, my hair was soaked,
    My arms and neck and head were bare.

    Having resigned to my fate
    I stood by the side of the road,
    Desperately waiting for the rain to stop
    When a strong wind suddenly blowed.

    A black dot appeared on the horizon
    And a woman came into view,
    Dressed from head to toe in black,
    She came like a bolt from the blue.

    A black beret on her head, dark lipstick,
    Sporting a huge black overcoat and umbrella
    She passed me a huge black one not unlike her own
    And disappeared like Cinderella,

    When the clock struck twelve at the ball.
    And I was left standing there,
    Dumbstruck and surprised.
    I set off then for my home,
    Thinking of the Woman in the Black overcoat
    The anonymous angel in black,
    Who came and went like a will-o-wisp in the night.

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    The Woman in Black