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  • pragyaverma 19w

    How do I stay strong.

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    Its not the loss I am scared of
    At least not right now
    The tears are for the suffering
    You are going through and how..
    Each moment is uncertain
    As you breathe in intubated air
    My thoughts hinge on your moving chest
    As life plays this game
    Of hope and despair.

  • pragyaverma 23w

    The incomplete soul.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    For a while I thought I actually flew
    To where the air currents went
    Over the brine that my soul had become
    Over the hills that spirits never crossed
    For a while I thought I saw a bird of hope
    That sings the melodies of heart
    To the pale twilight in its dusky bed
    So alone, yet brimming, and so full
    For a while I thought that the sun's bright ray
    Has enveloped the shadows of my day
    And the unforgotten fears
    Are calcined to just an ordinary tear
    For a while I thought I actually flew
    That my heart is finally free
    From the thorns it prick itself
    To be light, to be illuminated and just to be

    For a while..

  • pragyaverma 24w

    Simple things in life.


    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Ever seen a cricket fifing lute in the bushes
    Or a tadpol trying to swim while a frog gently pushes
    A white crested pigeon doing acrobatics in sky
    A royal eagle surveying his prey as he flies

    The little sunbird purple hovers then perches on the flowers
    With her long curved beak, sucks out nectar with all her might and power
    Have you seen an olive green tailor bird at work
    How meticulously she ties two leaves then hides and lurks

    Don't you see a newly sprung rose, petal by petal
    And at dawn few dew drops sitting like oriental pearl
    Or the simple yellow marigold which my grandma puts in her tea
    The wild and careless portulaca, which grows and blooms for free

    Seen a small yellow butterfly never resting at a place?, and
    When somehow you catch it leaves on your fingers her color and grace
    A coral jasmine with bright orange stalk expending her bloom at night
    Wake up early morning to see how it falls at the first ray of light

    Awaits your glance, a lot of marvels, trying to entice
    Told this to me, from the banyan tree, an old owl wise
    Trick is to be a child not entangled in common strife
    Or be busy in mild concerns of ordinary life


  • pragyaverma 27w

    Ode to a summer day spent in himalayas some years ago.

    #mountains #nature #life

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @miraquill

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����

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    From behind the hills came a gloden morn
    Ambrosial winds bring a splendor newly born
    Crimson to orange, glimmers the virgin snow
    The prayer bells ring and birds croon low
    And on the brae, the pine tress free
    Sing the ancient lore of sky and sea
    Flowers strewn along the tasseled glen
    Smile and say, lo! Its a new day again

    And now the sun shines, above the lofty hills
    Brightly glows the narrow silver rill
    Dances with it the limpid air
    In the wooded dell, lovely and fair
    Trees sway to the brook tunes
    Welcoming yet another noon
    With a zeal unbounded and free
    Growing fast from a plant to tree

    A dapple of colors, sunset, they greet
    Earth and sun again meet
    Crimson and gold gives way to gray
    Bids farewell the last sun ray
    Into the night, we must all go
    Eager for dawn, is the way, we grow
    With hope and courage in our hearts
    Tomorrow we will again start.

  • pragyaverma 27w

    And so I throw myself at life
    To what it has to offer
    Tides, storms or thunder
    But sure it will fill my coffer
    And so I get myself ready
    For the drills and the burns
    For the ups and the downs..
    As there will be lessons to learn
    And when those lessons are learnt
    I will gear up for change
    For the good and the better
    Though the ways may seem strange
    And when I change for better
    Through suffering, heartache and grief
    Like wildflower, I will grow
    And so in life, my beliefs
    And I will marvel at things
    That truly deeply matter..
    And I will marvel at myself,
    That despite everything, I didn't shatter
    And so I throw myself at life
    For in this journey, I believe
    And so when it nears the end
    I will know, I have lived.

  • pragyaverma 27w

    The dunes heave as mIles of sand stretch its arms
    Over the endless estate, a million shells swarm
    And a mirage of sea shines, ensnare.

    A cascade ready to flow is barricaded by the dam wall of sky
    The birds of the coast living off a shipwreck begin to fly
    And the eyeballs wet and fixed, stare

    Thoughts wander in the cornerless state of mind
    And the heart lay suspended somewhere between low and high tide
    The emptiness of an entire shore lay bare

  • pragyaverma 29w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Writing after a while... not sure if there is clarity enough in this poem..

    Thank u @writersnetwork for the❤
    @mirakee ��editors choice

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    I have picked up faded blue clematis
    From last summer
    And have painted my sky with gentian
    I have walked out in rain
    Drenched in the tenderness of
    Each silver liquid drop
    I have seen the very core of milky way
    And the citylights dispersed in dust
    The saddest lane, the loneliest star..
    But, I am weary and jaded now
    And I don't want you to wake me up
    If I sleep long..
    Love.. wake me up when I am dead
    Unable to pick up a dried leaf
    Or to feel the rain
    Not have a tear to shed
    Or the care of pain
    Wake me up with a rough shake
    When you see me forgetting
    My acquaintence with the night
    Or my friendship with the dawn
    For the times are never wrong or right
    Some seen and unseen moments need my eyes
    And life in all its glory is ahead..
    So dont wake me up if I sleep
    Wake me, when I am dead...

  • pragyaverma 31w

    Gather ye strength girl
    And get back up on your feet
    And walk, count each of your steps
    Unmindful of the path you tread..
    Gulp down the bitterness
    Dont hold on, dont forget
    Train your heart, tame your mind
    And walk, till you drench in your own sweat
    Collect the joys, scatter the tears
    Feel the river inside soaking the rain
    And walk, ever so beautiful, ever so proud
    For you have known pain.

  • pragyaverma 32w

    A weary stream
    Through silent fields
    Sings..she sings
    A purling song
    Of loss and grief.

    The faded forests
    Sway to the tune
    In windless clime
    Of humid fate
    And sinking moon.

    So when the rain comes
    Upon this meloncholic verse
    Let the stream swell
    Where memories dwell...
    Let the light come
    Through the chinks some
    That time has made
    With its harrow and spade...

    And Stand upon the threshold
    And watch the past flow
    Like a stream
    Wurbling and purling
    To this day
    Towards a misty dream

  • pragyaverma 34w

    There is this abyss
    And I want to sink down
    Into eternal blindness
    Or forget
    Or move away..
    But eyes, they see
    The sun and the rain
    The green and gray lands
    The spasms of bleak dust
    And this abyss
    I am not trying to swim here
    I float..and I drift
    And somehow, I donot drown