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  • prakashinin 7h

    When I look back to count and compare the beautiful moments which really touched my soul,I couldn't decide a supreme one among them.when the years passing by more and more such moments nestled into my heart.
    When I first became a mother it was a joy that cannot be compared to any other.long days of an expectant mother
    and a painful delivery only to experience the joy of motherhood.Like day and night life is the mixture of joysand sorrows.So all the joyful moments are considered to be a gift from the unknown .Even a smile from an unknown person in an unknown land would bring a joyful moment in my heart.I am very thankful to those moments which were nourishing me all the way through my life.

  • prakashinin 2d

    Me the painter,looked in awe at that canvas which was hanging on the wall of my drawing room. I have completed the painting the day before. Brightness of the sky is
    Exactly the thick dark of the night and those scattered stars were twinkling in it . The moon as always smiled at me. l became a painter only to explore the depth and breadth of my own haunted me always.
    Here is the first canvas which is I think ready to exhibit to the whole world.Oh!!! No!!! Where is that little girl ?I am going to give my canvas it's soul."The little skywatcher."

  • prakashinin 3d

    In a gallery the two hearts captured my attention.The broken heart in its new form looked very attractive to me.The number of patch ups made it a colourful heart it h
    as tasted the world in its essence.A heart opened to everyone . Touching the core of life often it burst out into pieces.Evertime a reincarnation took place.A new life started blooming again.

  • prakashinin 4d

    I was not at all brave . Everybody called me a coward. life in its each and every step brought everything like tribulations before a person who in his whole life never ever climbed upon a tree ,just ran and climbed ton to the top of the tree from a chasing tiger which was going to be a threat to his life ,may be this is a story ,but actually it happens when we face life situations.I put me here as a living example.

  • prakashinin 1w

    I lived in a house, ofcourse with my own family, so it can be called a home upto a level.In the course of time I felt like I am living in a congested house
    which had been built by someone else.A feeling of suffocation forced me to examine what is wrong with this house.It took day s and days of cross examination.I could find out that the foundation itself was not strong enough to uphold the structure. It can easily be collapsed even by a minute external force .Nature is
    not always in a stable and uniform manner.The high tide tsunamis , The Thunder storms,hot and cold waves are always been there as the threats. so the internal strength define it that,is it a structure only to convince others or is it a real building which can give shelter to own self and other needy ones.We have to repair
    and paint our houses time to time with all the pillars and blocks and above all with rainbow colours of human qualities like empathy, patience, hospitality,and an unselfish nature.

  • prakashinin 1w

    The celestial friendship is celebrated by the earthly beings. We enjoy the warmth and coolness.They shine and we illuminate.Both play hide and seek,In that celestial play all the earthly stories are being written.Stars are born in between.

  • prakashinin 1w

    Letter to my younger self.

    Hello, my dear child hood,
    First of all l would like to thank you because you are still some how manage to hang on the wall of my heart.How much burden I have been putting on your shoulders along your long journey till date. I know I am not fully responsible for it.The society on the whole is to be blamed. I can only appreciate you because now I understand that what the word growing is
    meant for a human . Actually they are getting out of their real self.They have to undergo so many ordeals along the journey. In the early age of child hood everything seems to be a fun .There is nothing to gain or lose . Each day you live a new life. You would not be a product of yesterday.All the animals,birds and even the ants and fireflies were your playmates.The ditches and ponds had their shares to make your days.. Every now and then all these things reborn in my mind
    because of the touching stimuli make their vibrations there.

  • prakashinin 1w

    I plunged into the past to find a place to live in.No where I am fully satisfied. All were filled with prejudices, favouritism and Disparity. A heart which cannot survive in those places I drove back and halted there in my mother's ancestral home which was in a remote village where there is no boundary walls were risen in between houses and most important to mention , across their hearts.The paddy fields with golden grains in them were swaying in the wind.I once again enjoyed the natural aroma of mother nature.wearing a long skirt and blouse through the muddy path I felt myself in a fairyland.

  • prakashinin 1w

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    It was a grand union of the two souls.
    A human soul assimilates in a soul of the eternal.Both imprisoned one another.
    The canyons are wounds from the beloved ones.
    The natural law has its own explanations .
    Realisation is an after effect.The wound never heals but sometimes some where it radiates, soothes others holistically.It becomes Grand canyon.

  • prakashinin 2w

    The world labourers are proud
    At least a day for them to claim
    The hot May shows the power of the sweat
    And there I enjoy the full glass of" lassi".