Prakriti starmaker::prakriti wish me on 30th September ����

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  • prakritiofficial 11w

    Happy children's day

  • prakritiofficial 17w

    Umeed abhi bhi h iss tute hue dil me .....jst waiting for him ......


  • prakritiofficial 18w

    अर्ज किया है ----- ��

    दरkaar हैं हर जन्म me tu miले
    Tuझse हमारे फूte भाग्य है khiले
    तेरी jaisi बेटी का होna uppहार है
    Tuझसे hi हमारा छोta संsaar hai ��





    °• •°

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    Daughter's day!

    Happy Daughter's day! ❤

    Har kisi ko beti naam ka
    अनमोल हिरा नहीं मिलता है
    Dil ke dhani agar aap hoge
    तभी बेटी को पा पाओगे ❤


  • prakritiofficial 18w

    ������ ������������
    °•°•☆☆Happy birthday�� beautiful ��❤☆☆°•°•○●
    •○●° STAY BLESSED ND FOCUSED ✋✋°●°●°•°

    Life का हर Goal रहे °•○●
    आपका clear , ●○•°
    तुम success पाओ •○●°
    Without any fear �� °•○●
    हर पल जियो ○●•°
    Without any tear �� ○•°●
    Enjoy your day my ○●°•
    Dear , °•○●
    Happy b'day shruti_2509❤


    On ur b'day ����
    I wish that the ����
    Almighty blesses ��✋
    U with good luck ����
    Happiness, love��❤
    Good health nd ����
    Success in every ����
    Walk of ur lyf ����
    U truly deserve it ����
    Wishing u a very ��❤������
    Happy b'day dear ����


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    Happy birthday❤

    Hope ur all wishes cme jldi se true .
    Have a great year ahead .
    I hope ur celebration gives u many happy memories today.

  • prakritiofficial 18w

    Na jane log kaise badal jate hai ,��

    Hum to jaise the kl , khud ko

    Aaj v waise hi paate hai ,��

    Aandiyan aati hai to zara se hil jate hai ,

    Tufaano me ladkhada v jate hai ,��

    Bhari barsaat me khush ho ke nhate hai ,��☁


    Thand me aksar akkad v jate hai ,⛄

    Na jane log kaise badal jate hai ,��

    Phle to sapno ko suraj ki tarah chamkate hai ,


    Fir umeed ki us dhundli se kiran ko apne hi ,

    Haathon se mita jate hai ,����

    Na jane log kaise badal jate hai ,��

    Kabhi kehte hai dur na hona ek pal v hmse ,


    Fir kuch waqt saath bitane k baad samne hai iss tarah ,

    Jaise kbhi mile hi na ho aise tanha chod jate hai ,��

    Na jane log kaise badal jate hai ,��

    Phle to saath saath chlne ki kasme khate hai ,


    Fir do kadam chlne k baad wo raaste hi bhul jate hai ,��

    Na jane log kaise badal jate hai ,��

    Par E - SHAAZ tu na badal na kbhi iss zamane ki tarah ,


    Jaha lga ho mela wha aksar nye chehre hi najar aate hai ,☺

    Jo the jne - pehchane wo chehre to bheed me kho hi jate hai ,��

    Na jane log kaise badal jate hai ,����


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    Na jne log kse bdal jte h ,

  • prakritiofficial 20w



    ��जिंदगी हर पल हैं एक पहेली ��

    ��कभी बन जाती हैं सहेली��

    ��साथ में खेलती हैं रोज नये-नये खेल ��

    ��तो कभी नाराज़ होकर कर लेती हैं बैर��

    ��कभी प्यार से सर सहलाती हैं��

    ��तो कभी ठोकर दे जाती हैं��

    ��बूझो तो और कठिन हो जाती हैं��

    ��रूठो तो झट मना जाती हैं��

    ��तन्हाई भी वही देती हैं��

    ��हर राह पर साथ भी वही चलती हैं��

    ��जिन्दगी बस एक पहेली हैं ��

    ��बस एक पहेली हैं ��


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    जीवन एक दर्पण की तरह हैं।
    यदि आप उसपर मुस्कुराते हैं।
    तो यह भी आपको मुस्कान देगा।

  • prakritiofficial 21w

    Some word are unsaid
    But Heard
    While some are said
    But Unheard

  • prakritiofficial 21w

    At some point you will realise that you have done too much for someone , that the only next possible step to do is to stop .
    Leave them alone . Walk away .
    It's not like you are giving up , and it's not you shouldn't try .
    It's just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation . What is truly yours , will eventually be yours , and what is not , no matter how hard you try , will never be .

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  • prakritiofficial 21w

    ^By the most trusted people and loved by the most unexpected once .
    Some make us cry for things that we haven't done , while others ignore our faults and just see our smile �� some leave as when we need them the most , while some stay with us even when ask them to leave . The world is a mixture of people. We just need to know which hand to shake and which hand to hold ! After all that's life , learning to hold on and learning to let go^

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    We are often let down !

  • prakritiofficial 21w


    " There is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other . The presence is felt through a held hand , a voice heard and the sight of simle ��. Even through a simple touch .
    Souls ���� do not have calenders or clocks , nor do they understand the notion of time or distance . They only know it feels right to be with one another . Your soul feels their absence ___ it doesn't realize the separation is temporary. "

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    When two souls fall in love ,,,,,