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  • prishan 6w

    It was a hopeless night
    For a fallen knight
    She was starring at the dark sky
    With a teary eye.

    With the passage of time
    She heard a chime.
    It was just a message tone
    Yet her eyes shone.

    The screen brightened with his hello
    And her face with a glow.
    Just like the stars that light the night sky
    He lights her world and breathes life into her dying hopes.

  • prishan 16w

    You will be termed as a good girl
    When you say okay to everything
    Following the crowd.

    You will be termed as a bad girl
    When you express that you aren't okay
    Standing out from the crowd.

    You will be termed as a humble girl
    When you keep your mouth shut
    Gracefully accepting everything that is imposed.

    You will be termed as an arrogant girl
    When you try to open your mouth
    Against the odds and irrational thoughts.

    You will be termed as a responsible girl
    When you take care of your spouse
    And cook for him throughout your life.

    You will be termed as an irresponsible girl
    When you step out of the kitchen
    To live the life you deserve.

    You will be termed as a well cultured girl
    When you cover yourself like a mummy
    Though that makes you grumpy.

    You will be termed as a character less girl
    When you wear something that you like
    And eventually end up as a prey to the lust of monsters roaming around in the broad daylight.

  • prishan 19w

    Death.. The word itself scares us
    The fear of losing loved ones
    The fear of not hearing their voices
    The fear of not seeing them anymore
    The fear of not holding them again
    Grips us so tight.
    But the saddest irony is that
    Every one of us die every single day to live in this horrible world
    We strive hard to fight against the odds
    We strive hard to be in the good books of others
    We strive hard to earn a meal.
    And now I'm confused
    Is it easy to live or to die?
    Is it better to embrace death or to fight for living?
    Death seems to be painful but it's like a transition to another world where we might all find the peace that we are looking for.

  • prishan 20w

    As always, thank you for the idea and inspiration @ajit___

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    Kissing is not about
    Touching his/her lips.
    It's all about
    Touching their soul
    With the tenderness
    And pure love
    Which is of course a bliss.

  • prishan 21w

    In childhood, we cried to grow old
    And enjoy a lavish life as adults.
    In adulthood, we are craving to become young
    And lead a peaceful life as kids.
    What an irony in ages!!!!
    And that's why they say
    Greener is the grass that is far away.

  • prishan 23w

    Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light. Thanks for suggesting this @ajit___

    #mirror #miraquill #candle #light #bright #happiness #darkness #writing #prompts

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    It was a bright day filled with colors
    I looked into the mirror and
    Asked, "Mirror Mirror, On the wall
    Show me the happiest person in this world".

    All on a sudden dark clouds took over the bright sky
    And the lights were off with a rumble.
    There was a giggling sound echoing through the walls
    Scaring the hell out of me.

    I took courage to look for a matchstick and
    Lit a white candle whose reflection was seen in the mirror as a ray of hope
    The panic striken look on my face
    Slowly turned into a smile.

    And then I heard this bizzare voice
    "Darkness is all around
    But the one who manages to see the light
    Will definitely find happiness, just like you"

  • prishan 23w

    जिदंगी इक सफ़र है,
    कभी कभी आसानी से मिल जाती है मंज़िल,
    और कभी कभी बहुत मुस्किल होता है कुछ भी पाना,
    हमे चलते रहना है हर वक़्त हर हाल में, रास्तों में फूल है या कांटे, मायने नहीं रखते, हमे बस चलते रहना है, सांझ के साथ ढलते रहना है, सूरज के भांति चमकते रहना है, हमे खुद से ही संभलते रहना है ||

  • prishan 25w

    Ever met such a person who has done miracles to turn time right for you? Guess I have met��

    #insaan #samay #time #galat #sahi

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    Sahi samay pe Galat insaan ko miltein hein
    Aur kabhi kabhi Galat samay pe sahi
    Aur kabhi aisa bhi hota hay ki jinse milein unse samay sahi kiya ja Sakta hai...

  • prishan 25w

    @elusive_me @iamaselenophile

    Look before you leap. Never attempt to uncover someone's mask before you know who they are

    #monsters #tears #happiness #vengenace #humans #stories #betrayals

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    A smiling face hides tears
    Teary eyes hide vengence.
    Suger coated words hide lies
    And laughter hides enemity.
    Anything in this world is not how it looks like
    There's always a monster behind every mask.
    Beware before you ever dare to uncover someone's mask.

  • prishan 25w

    Right, isn't it? We never accept our mistakes and always shift the blame on the world and society. The irony is it's always us who make up this world and society.

    #world #cruel #people #thoughts #mistakes #society #thoughts #quotes

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    It's easy to say that the world is so cruel
    But it's hard to accept that we are a part of that cruelty.