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  • priyaswaminathan 156w

    There might be many men
    But there is only one him
    For her


  • priyaswaminathan 158w

    The moments
    I held you in my heart
    Were real
    And yet
    They passed
    With the heat
    Which your absence left.
    Now all I have
    Are the colours
    That neither shines nor glows
    But shimmers
    At the backdrop of
    Those stromy clouds
    roaring inside
    a broken heart


  • priyaswaminathan 165w

    What do they know
    About her lost sunshine
    The panic attack she undergoes
    With what normal feels like

    What do they know
    About the invisible scars she hides
    From all those continuous blow
    Of what awkward feels like

    What do they know
    About her constant struggles
    To contain everything that overflows
    From the cherry shades of troubles
    She silently smiles by

    How could they know
    The daily battle with her shadows
    That her past sardonically justifies

    While those around her
    Saw her for being wierd, fake and just a child
    only did her pillow knew
    That every night her shadows
    Rose victorious over the fight


  • priyaswaminathan 170w

    On a silent night
    under the moonlit sky
    while the birds slumber
    the leaves whisper
    to the flower it holds
    "What sight do you behold?!"

    With uncontained delight
    the flower sighs
    "Yet another wonder
    is bound to occur
    a fairytale waiting to unfold
    are him and her
    in a lover's enfold"


  • priyaswaminathan 170w

    I yearn to find that singular me at any cost
    And in that fluid desperation, I am eternally lost

  • priyaswaminathan 171w

    You are my words that completes my sentence
    You are my vowels that beautifies my words
    You are my consonants that fills my tendance
    And my story is filled with your hugs

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  • priyaswaminathan 185w

    Here is what I dreamt about
    Or what i think it to be.
    it's about a far off kingdom
    that normal eyes couldn't see

    Or is it about A princess and her Knight
    Like those love stories that’s sang and told.
    Where the knight slays the dragon in a fight
    That's far too vicious and bold.

    Maybe it's about Utopia
    With all it’s sultry secrets it holds
    Or is it about Achilles
    With his greed and his gold

    I suppose it might be about God
    And his beautiful voice, enchanting
    Maybe it's about few humans
    with thier questionable choice thats revolting

    Maybe it's about a queen
    And her sly mirror
    Or is it about her king
    And his daughter he held so dear

    Or is it about myself
    and my forgotten past
    Or about an uncertain future
    that may or may not come to pass

    I think its about a man
    and his soulful eyes
    Or is it about a deceit heart
    That's filled with beautiful lies

    Whatever my dream might be
    I just don't want to wake up
    As I am too lazy to face
    another morning and a coffee cup

    ©Priya swaminathan