Yet still known as poetryly an effervescent soul striving to beam poetically in HIS light...perhaps you’ll relate.

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  • profuselypoetryly 49m

    #raindrop #wod
    Pic credit - The Little Hermitage -uudiewaskom on Pinterest

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    As If

    Prolonged raindrops steadily drips
    as if displaying watery verbal scrips
    tracing across casements
    as if transparent liquid veins
    mapping haphazardly the glass panes
    as if on the spur on the moment
    streaking the tearful proses of this poet.
    As if a reminder the rain will not remain.
    In due time jubilation instead will again reign.

  • profuselypoetryly 1d

    “ Love in the moment and enjoy the present” -credit unknown

    The question has been stated before👆🏽this post is just my way of saying the same but this biblical quote says it’ the best without a question👇🏽

    “So never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties. Each day has enough of its own troubles.” - Matthew 6:34 NWT

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    If we unconsciously
    allow our past
    to morphs into
    sorrows of tomorrow’s
    before it even arrives,
    can we ever reside or
    find a semblance of joy
    in the present?

  • profuselypoetryly 2d

    Pic credit - found on Pinterest

    Just a different twist on the saying how at times “the grass is always greener on the side of the fence”. How the view in someone else’s yard can appear much more appealing than our own.

    Unbeknownst to us, they could have the same perspective about our yard. If we are not “content with the present things” (Hebrews 13:5) based on looking in our own yard and not someone else’s. If we makes changes whether radical or small…are we doing it for the right reasons?

    If not, we might jump the proverbial fence and realize their greener grass is actually AstroTurf….artificial.

    Now you’re on the other side, you can view your own yard with from a different perspective. Actually realize the beauty due to years of landscaping you’ve cultivated
    your own lawn!

    Even if we move to new surroundings,
    our lessons learned usually follows us,
    if we let them.

    A wool gathering moment than turn into a musing moment in the mid of nite or morn,
    depending on how you view it.

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    Musing Moment🤔

    If we could file for divorce from our lives,
    how many of us of would later
    ask for a reconciliation?

    (see caption)

  • profuselypoetryly 2d

    #mirror #wod
    Pic credit - Berkley Illustrations found
    on Pinterest.

    When I look in the mirror,
    I see baby alligators nibbling
    on my toes.
    It isn’t hallications,
    they’re feasting on them with relish,
    enjoyment not the condiment.

    When I look in the mirror,
    I see uppity cheetahs with
    eye patches sipping dry martinis
    on a desert island without
    a pink elephant in sight.

    When I look in the mirror,
    I see forest without nary a tree
    yet leaves spread across
    the ground like a velvety fall carpet.

    When I look in the mirror
    I see an imaginative writer
    who enjoying jotting piffle
    as an diversion for Writer’s Block.


    Sometimes I slip & slide between the serious & the silly…it’s this writers’ prerogative when she just wanna write especially when trying to outwit Writer’s Block.

    Nothing complex, simply that😉

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    When I look in the mirror,
    I see aristocrats cheetahs with
    eye patches sipping dry martinis
    on a desert island without
    a pink elephant in sight.


  • profuselypoetryly 3d

    #mirror #wod
    Image credit of actor Tony Curran from the video of Vincent Van Gogh visits the Gallery found on YouTube.

    When I look in the mirror,
    I discern Van Gogh’s reflection
    peering back at me.
    Nothing creepy or
    a supernatural perception.
    Its a remembrance of
    his intense love affair
    of canvass painting
    as I have with verbal creating.
    I recall a Doctor Who episode
    bringing the artist Vincent
    into modern day in an instant.
    Being astonished,
    his works of art framed on display
    that went underrated in his day.
    Now hung valuable in a museum,
    a momentous feeling of creative freedom!
    That’s one of my fave imaginative moments
    infused with gem lessons.
    For instance,
    we’re more than the reflection of naysayers
    or the depth of our depressions.
    So when I look in the mirror, I see
    Vincent Van Gogh,
    it’s not actually him to any degree.

    It’s simply me musing
    while writing.

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    So when I look in the mirror, I see
    Vincent Van Gogh,
    it’s not actually him to any degree.

    It’s simply me reflecting
    though writing.

  • profuselypoetryly 1w

    For ones of interest….I’m Quite Slowly plodding with poetry though the beginning of 2022. For those in a familiar struggle…keeping pushing forward one prose at a time even if it’s just an one liner or such!

    I’m Quite Sorry
    to say the least,
    I’ve a symbolic pencil between
    fingers to easily erase emotions
    I can’t seem to convey with
    connective feelings.

    I’m Quite Sorry
    to say the least,
    I’ve one figurative eye
    scrolling though profound
    pics and posts while the
    other pupil not purposely

    I’m Quite Sorry
    to say the least,
    if I haven’t been as
    incentive while striving
    to traipsing into another
    Miraquill year.

    I’m Quite Sorry
    nothing poetically fancy
    though to say the least,
    I’m Quite Sincere.

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    Nothing poetically fancy
    though to say the least,
    I’m Quite Sincere.

  • profuselypoetryly 2w

    Pic credit - profuselypoetrly

    sits heavily upon ones understanding shoulders teasing their natural compassion.
    “What has it done for you all these years”?
    it repeatedly asks to their dismay! Still today they haven’t a rely that seems to satisfy them both of yet.

    Same issues….synonym written twice 👆🏽👇🏽

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    perches weighty upon one’s empathic shoulders mocking their empathy.
    “What has it accomplished
    for you all these years”?
    it perpetually interrogates to their consternation!
    Presently, they haven’t a retort that actually gratifies either one of
    them yet.


  • profuselypoetryly 2w

    Pic credit - Haute Stock on Pinterest

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    Bohemian vibes
    energetically flows
    thru my poetic veins
    electrifying my pen!


  • profuselypoetryly 2w

    Pic credit - found on Pinterest on She Talks
    #two #wod enchanted & cursed

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    my bittersweet medicine
    I’ve been enchanted and cursed
    to fervidly ingest stimulating
    my poetic senses whether

    I’m optimistic or pessimistic.


  • profuselypoetryly 3w

    Pic credit - found on VasanTa’s Pinterest

    If you asked yourself the same…the answer depends on you…or does it only?

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    Will you bring me success
    or is that my first new year test;
    Asking verses Action?