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  • prose_nexus 1w


    It's definitely not what you might've expected me to say
    But it is a colour to me.
    It reveals the darkness behind every object.

    An opaque screen reveals that things are well hidden
    An opaque door does not show an entrance nor an exit,
    It leaves the quest for intricacy to you.

    A man who isn't transparent passes judgement frequently.
    The clouds in his mind blocks the light that is to broaden one's perspective,
    If given the chance.

    So I saw opacity everywhere I went,
    In the sheets I laid under,
    In the gasping breaths I took to escape night terrors,
    In the brightness of day,
    In the air breathed,
    In the sermons received,

    In the pupils of men and women,
    Whose hands I shook
    And incorporated into their seemingly pleasant gestures were...small talk

    So opacity in character is the clearest thing to me.
    It shows us, we are sheltered in our unknowing
    And we can never truly know... everything.
    © DaMoN

  • prose_nexus 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Fulfilled

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    I craved satisfaction and was fully filled.

  • prose_nexus 1w

    Was at a Sunday service this morning and saw what could only be the driver of my thirst for unquenching excitations.
    A lover clad in bright pink.

    I'm not insane'
    I just see reality differently.

    #pod #faith #foodforthought #wod #riddle #fantasy

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    If you can see this...

    If you can see this.

    Simple actions
    Turned into my passion
    Which in turn bred the one who saw your completion before your conception.

    I'm not insane for what I say.
    I just see reality differently.


  • prose_nexus 7w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Upset

    Won a trophy and so grateful✔️

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    Tears may roll

  • prose_nexus 8w

    The sky is God's canvas
    Every stroke of wispy clouds tells a story.
    It tells how the great came from nothing
    And how the greatest shall come back to nothingness.

    On the first section of the mural is painted the bright golden child.
    When the child crawls, it is happy, sweet and mild.
    The nature below it is its friend so it plays with the leaves of trees and the smooth complexion of men.

    It matures quickly to the middle of the canvas,
    It is neither happy nor sad, it knows life.
    It knows it now so it grows quicker,
    It knows it emanated from nothing, so it is indifferent.
    It doesn't chase its childish inclinations any longer.

    The golden child had become a quivering old thing that hides itself within the pinkish-purple background.
    It wants to escape repetition but is an eternal slave to it.

    Once again, the sky is a mural,
    God's canvas.
    It tells stories of indulgence and the consequences of it.
    Nothing is hidden from depiction within this frame.

    #patheticfallacy #writersnetwork #wod #tenderc #love #life

    IG: @a_word4u

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    The Blue Mural

    Paint me another piece


  • prose_nexus 9w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Canvas

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    Blank space, Paint.

  • prose_nexus 9w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Laughter

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    A hearty one, mellowing the soul, a healthy man

  • prose_nexus 11w

    From the belly of inner despair and curiousity comes the withered old man in his thirst for knowledge. And the unknown being the 'insufficient length of perpetual peace.'
    #combination #wod

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    When the world fights a war halfway;

    We thrive in the ignorance of the outcome.
    Does the end of a war not bring with it the chance for development?
    Is there such a thing as the quest for peace and if so, where does the search begin.

    When we start a war, the only point would be to finish.
    It can never be stopped while it's just tender but rather at its peak.

    So instead of fighting to conquer ourselves,
    It may seem clichè, but the only fight would be to better ourselves.


  • prose_nexus 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Trust

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    Rush into it, pay the cost

  • prose_nexus 11w

    True or truth?

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    What we attend to controls our behaviour.
    What we get others to attend to controls theirs.