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  • quarazen 13w

    Future Self

    Unbothered, unusual, unbelievable and unstoppable
    This is what my future spams
    While you are cooking your meals
    I will have a retainer to toast my breads and adding jam!✨

  • quarazen 16w


    Nature's artistry has always been jaw breaking
    If we could see their journey, it would be worth film-making
    Every element has its own tale of processes from weathering to earthshaking
    That's why such resplendent forms are made just once, undeniably breathtaking!

  • quarazen 17w

    Her 2

    Her vibe might not be winsome
    But her aura is going to be transcendent.....✨

  • quarazen 24w

    Contrasting Feels

    How special it feels when your wound heals
    The cut you need to stitch has been sealed

    And how empty it feels when the iron you were waiting to rust was a steel
    The feelings you need to affirm are never appealed!.....☠

  • quarazen 35w

    Her 2

    Her face might not be the prettiest but her heart would be the purest
    Her actions might not be the best but her soul is different from the rest!

  • quarazen 36w

    Stay strong guys ��

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    How difficult is to lose!

    How difficult is to lose
    But there is no option to choose

    They say the joy of winning is when you have faced rejection
    Though tell them failure hurts more than a pointed injection

    Some say that loosing and winning are a part of life
    And to win you need a mind as sharp as a knife

    Some face it and some lose hope
    But they forget there is always a scope

    How difficult is to lose
    But there is no option to choose

  • quarazen 40w

    To all those Indians out there ,

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    Tons of bloodshed, millions of laid lives for this day
    The Indian Spirit is prospering and shall last long on it's way.....
    Happy Independence Day!

  • quarazen 42w

    Know your worth!!
    Things start from you on this earth!!!!.....

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    The world teaches you to love but never tells to whom
    Giving it to a stranger is all what we can assume

    Never thought of adoring the person you see in mirror
    But once you intiate to do this things would be pretty much clear

    We just squander our little life critising, pressuring and hurting ourselves in the end,
    But make a attempt to extend the love not to others but to yourself and you will be best of you in the end.

  • quarazen 46w

    Those beautiful nights, when I was with you you seemed like a fairytale making me fade into those beautiful stars where you used to kiss me, damn, those used to make my day I used to wait for your presence , whole day, whole along making me garnish under thoughts that you would be back as my love was meant for some special destiny oh, girl, it was yours lovely palace that I was so desperate to hang on.

    Your presence just touched my body and every look of yours was drenching into mine. I hold you tight onto those lonely nights and could feel the warmth which made my cold fish personality warm You changed my life , you found the me in me and never let my life be sad or filled with grief . You were the missing piece to my mystery but at last I lost you too, Just wanted to say your presence is still missed......
    This is a collab by @quarazen and @yours_truly_missed_guy

    Hope you all will like it.❣
    By unknown writer

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    Her Missing Presence

  • quarazen 50w


    Some lessons can’t be taught, they simply have to be learned,
    As our salary is not what we gain but the experience we earn.....