closeted lesbian escaping into the world of poetry to deal with her own mental health issues.

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  • queerqueenathena 6w

    My mind wondered
    As the thoughts thundered
    Through the mental storm.
    With a hardened heart
    I paced through the war
    Looking back simultaneously
    Trying to figure out
    If my reaction was justified.
    Then I remembered my reasons
    And moved ahead.
    No regrets needed,
    A step had to be taken.
    Learning to fight my own battles
    Standing up to the enemies of my progress
    Burning the good girl image,
    There was clearly no space for her
    In this world of hypocrisy and uncertainties.

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    Lilith unleashed


  • queerqueenathena 7w

    Tears rolled and dried
    As the opposition belied.
    Blindsided by hate,
    They vowed to devour
    Every inch of me with vigor.
    Connected by blood
    Yet treated like dirt
    I felt the urge to convert
    Curt and divert,
    The undeserved love with hurt.
    The road to hate,
    Is a downward spiral
    Of unending spite
    But I would rather die
    Than forever dwell in the rabbit hole
    Of a haunted and tainted mindset.
    So I painted my own reality
    And chose my preferred characters
    Buried our attachments
    And burnt out the memories
    The good and the bad alike,
    It was time to move on
    From the past.
    No more tears
    No more heartaches.
    I had to clear my mind
    And create more space
    For those that treated me
    Like I mattered.
    So long sisters!
    Hope you find the way back to your true self
    But until then,
    May your souls rest not in peace!

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    Buried alive

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  • queerqueenathena 16w

    Astro projection (drag me to hell)

    Gushing through the wind,
    Rushing through the mud, blind.
    Echoes howling from a distance
    Getting closer and closer
    Hellhounds panting at my feet
    They drag and grab onto me.
    Spiritual evacuation
    Executed through devious hallucinations.
    Lucid dreams,
    Haunting me whenever the lights go out,
    With no escape
    My mind races
    Then I look down and watch myself sleep
    Floating around helplessly
    Fighting to get back in,
    Competing for space inside my own body.
    I don't like it here,
    But nothing seems to save me
    From this unguided astro projection.

  • queerqueenathena 16w

    The Moon Goddess (meditating hour)

    Staring at the moon
    Feeling like a loon.
    I heard the elements croon
    Aligning in my favor
    Singing with flavor.
    They called onto my saver
    The Goddess of the night.
    She looked at me with grace,
    And I felt a soothing shiver
    Pacing through my spine.
    With all my senses at rest
    I let my soul talk
    I let myself cry.
    I was one with the earth.
    My tears dried in the wind
    My body laid still
    In that special moment
    When my emotions were weightless.
    "Light as a feather
    Stiff as a board!"
    Chanted my spirit
    As She took charge of my burdens,
    And guided my mind
    Back into hopeful sensitivity.

  • queerqueenathena 19w


    Knots and clots,
    Of a memory entwined.
    Religious trauma lags
    As the spiritual world unwinds.
    Troubled mind
    Left behind
    In an ending realm.
    Recipe for disaster
    Apocalyptic blaster,
    Ganging up on a soulless fiesta.

  • queerqueenathena 22w


    Where do lost souls go?
    When the saints go marching in,
    And the world is covered in confetti,
    Who do the broken ones,
    Have to turn to?

  • queerqueenathena 22w


    Raindrops of eternal damnation,

    Spirit of abrogation,

    Days getting harder,
    Mind getting flooded.
    Mental hailstorm,
    Hurricane on the loose
    Soul on a loss.
    Thus goes the eulogy
    Of the unhappy lad!

  • queerqueenathena 23w

    Dead clowns don't bounce (the four horsemen)

    "Dead clowns don't bounce" ,
    Said all the royals at the circus show.
    Famine looked on with delight,
    Watching the freaks
    Fall to their wildest desires,
    Hungry for more and more,
    They ate their guts out in a gush.

    Dead clowns don't bounce!
    Conquest and war joined the show
    Together they feasted,
    On the overflowing
    River of fresh blood,
    As the mortals tore each other to pieces.

    Dead clowns don't bounce!
    Then death came to finish the show,
    But first he made the deceased come to life,
    Just to mess with their simple minds,
    For his amusement he let his brothers take the lead,
    Then he sealed the deal and thus began,
    The end of humankind!

  • queerqueenathena 25w

    Kiss kiss swish

    Me wild,
    Give me
    Nerve wrecking,

  • queerqueenathena 25w

    Flower in the attic

    In the attic,
    Trapped in the
    Devil's cage,

    The petals,
    Crunched to bits,
    Blown away,

    Mourn the
    Death of yet
    Another soul,

    Punish the
    Naughty misled by
    Cunning Trick-star,

    On the cross,
    Takes the blame,
    The church