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  • quest_of_unknown 81w


    I want my death to be worth, not life!!


  • quest_of_unknown 86w


    Sit back & relax, life doesn't grow in one night, it takes time may be year or day!!

    But in the end, life would make sure that all things fall exact place where it needed to be, a perfect fit to the puzzle of your life!!

    If it's not perfect fit, it's not the end..✌️


  • quest_of_unknown 87w

    मैं मैं रहूं और तुम तुम रहो इतना काफी है, ना मैं तुमको बदलने कि कोशिश करूं और ना तुम मुझको बदलने का इरादा रखना, काफी है।।

  • quest_of_unknown 110w


    We can't choose moment of Death,
    But I'm sure we can choose moment to remember in Death.

    Keep making & Preserving the memories..✌️


  • quest_of_unknown 110w

    Social Platform.

    I wish people would have used the social platforms, to re-connect, connect,to laugh, to care, to send wishes.

    Rather than, spreading news, fake news, Hate, drama, politics.

    Social Platforms are like magical wand, you have to be careful while using it, because it may cost someone his/her own life.

    As social platforms are itself, Judge, Jury & Executioner.

    Be wise!!

  • quest_of_unknown 112w

    Be you!!

    Be Human,
    Be Humble,
    They will appreciate you, praise you, even may pray to you!!

    Try to be God,
    They will defame you, pitch you, Curse you, destroy you!!


  • quest_of_unknown 115w


    I'm a human,
    With Knowledge imparted by God & Devil himself,
    You can't define me with your thought process as I'm not you,
    You have every right to judge me within your power of knowledge, but you can't define me, you can't be sure about me.
    I'm not you, but my action is all depends on your wisdom of knowledge, your action.


  • quest_of_unknown 117w

    L(oved & eft)

    If you would have stayed,
    You would have known how much I love you,
    But you left, and should me why I shouldn't have loved you that much.


  • quest_of_unknown 117w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Gesture

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    Nature gesture to thank you COVID-19.

  • quest_of_unknown 122w

    @mirakeeworld #to#Change#2#minute.

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    Dooming World

    The crime rate is rising rapidly we all know we all face but still we don't want to address it.

    "The problem not addressed/faced, is never gonna be resolved itself"

    Caption:- My attempt to light up the issues, which need to handled delicately.