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  • r_i_m_i___19 15w

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    Peaceful silences
    Long stares
    Mixed expressions & emotions


  • r_i_m_i___19 19w

    Is it worth to deserve?

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    A Last Chance

    People say, "Life is too short to hold grudges'' && " Sorry isn't enough''.
    But doesn't these lines contradict ?

    Sometimes both are true at the same time but if the intention wasn't wrong, sorry should have been accepted.

    Sorry might not be enough to heal the hurt & disappointment, but a last chance to a years long friendship is it worth to deserve ?


  • r_i_m_i___19 30w

    The night we met

    The cab slowed down, stopped at the Hotel gate. I was standing inside, got paralyzed. My eyes were full of tears, heart was beating the fastest it could, my hands were numb, slowly took steps out the gate. The eye contact & your smiling wave pinched me back to reality. There was no screen between us. There was just us standing right infront. The moment you hugged me I could hear your heart beats, holding your shivering numb hands I understood you are as nervous as me. With that height difference it was hard to reach you, but it was the cutest thing ever. Everything was worth it, all the wait, excitement, nervousness of 3 years just felt amazing & perfect.


  • r_i_m_i___19 34w

    Not everyday is amazing
    Not everyday is exciting
    Not everyday is happening
    Not everyday is boring
    Not everyday is dull
    Not everyday is disappointing

    But everyday there is you, you & you


  • r_i_m_i___19 36w

    Love yourself First

    There was time I was so under confident because people around me demeaned my hair, teeth, smile , beauty everything. I was literally being bullied in school(quite common in private schools) by few batch mates. I used to go through this every single day. Then one day I bursted so sadly on one girl who used to literally harass me everyday. That day I realised its utmost important to take stand for own self, its sometimes important to make people shut up. I also realised I'm strong, bold, I got patience, I can make my own move & I don't need to care what kinda judgements people throw. Beauty is the gift of god who are we to judge it, one doesn't make their own face. And I ignored all those judgements & started believing '' I'M BEAUTIFUL'' . And I realised it very important to believe this, its important to shower self-love, its important gather courage & not let shit talks overwhelm you. Today when they comment on my pictures '' gorgeous, pretty, model, etc, etc'' . Well, thanks for making feel so useless that literally helped me gather my own identity.

  • r_i_m_i___19 55w

    Dear Dadun,

    What to say about you. I'm literally going out of words to say what a gem you were. I have never seen anyone to get so much respect wherever they went. You're man of honour with fun, playful, amazing sense of humour. When I close my eyes, I still see you & I giggling on some topics. Honestly I never had fun giving massage to anyone, but you. When Dad was far, you arranged my birthday in a grand way. You made me taste the best variety of fishes. You gave me everything since I was born. You were the first one to hold me when I landed, singing the best lullaby ever. You celebrated my every small achievements. I can't thank you enough for all your immense support. Its been 6 years & still I dream of you. I wish you were here because no one understands & support me the way you did. Your absence created a large void in our life. The moon that lights the entire universe. Love Dadun ! Forever !



  • r_i_m_i___19 67w

    Sometimes you neither want to tell nor listen to your heart...
    Because that's scare the hell out of you...
    Sometimes convincing gets too tough...
    When you see you're losing everything...

  • r_i_m_i___19 75w

    Everyday I wish you were here
    Holding me closer,
    Snugging me at your chest.
    Everyday I wish you were here
    Holding me tighter,
    Being warrior to my grief.


  • r_i_m_i___19 80w

    W O R D S

    Never knew where my words will take me,
    Phrasing one after the other to contrive something,
    Gathered my pieces of emotions, thought , feelings
    Amalgamating to a new. Deciphering to that wasn't easy but words blended into a its shape.

  • r_i_m_i___19 83w


    Untangling the barriers of don'ts
    Untangling the maze of elusive dreams
    Untangling the knots of expectation
    Untangling the fear of losing closests
    Untangling the rope of bucket lists...