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  • rachanaa 21w

    Life and Death

    What is Death?

    It is when we stop dreaming and wake up to our reality,

    What is Life?

    It is when we use our thoughts and express our feelings to create our destiny,

    We become wise when we learn to fully experience each moment,

    We become full of life when we are no longer fearful of our past, future or present,

    Death happens deep within us when we let go of our dreams and passions,

    Life stops for us when we kill our child like innocence,

    Let every moment of this life gives us a memorable experience,

    Let we face our mortal deaths in future without any regret or fear and by leaving behind love and blessings for the future generations.

  • rachanaa 22w

    Raindrops and Tears

    As she tood by the window,
    Tears started rolling down her cheeks as saltiness of the little teardrops left a trail on her face,

    As she watched the raindrops falling on the ground As the sweet smell of petrichor filled with nostalgia as her mind wandered through the memory lane,

    She opened the door in order to fully drench herself and quench the thirst of her soul as she started walking in the rain,

    The sweet raindrops like rivers merged with her salty ocean like tears as the heavy downpour healed her life long pain,

    She was a woman with her own responsibilities yet
    No one understood her inner struggle to create her own identity,

    Yes, she was a daughter, sister, wife and a mother but she still wanted to fulfill her own dreams and follow her true destiny.

  • rachanaa 22w

    Paper Planes and Paper Boats

    When I was a little girl,
    Magic was everywhere,

    There were tiny fairies hidden in the flowers,
    Rainbows were the bridge to cross over,

    Clouds were the swings of little children,
    Moon was the land of Santa and his reindeers,

    Paper Planes were the dream carriers,
    Paper boats were the dream whisperers,

    Fairytales were real and vibrant,
    Monsters used to scare us in our nightmares,

    I was the little inhabitant of my favourite book world,
    I often lost myself in the world of stories full of magical adventures,

    Everything was true and beautiful seen from the heart and soul of this little wanderer,
    Little animals were my best friends who understood my dreams and desires,

    I was small yet a fiesty Supergirl with my hidden super powers,
    I had million dreams as a child, which I am still trying to achieve as a spiritual being on this earth
    being a cosmic traveller.

  • rachanaa 23w

    Mother's Smile

    Moments of joy are the moments
    Which become a part of our precious memory for generations,

    Some moments are like the first kiss planted
    On the lips of our loved ones,

    Some moments are like the true love
    Shared for the first time and over a lifetime with the special someone,

    Some special moments make us
    Witness our baby's first cry and first smile with a feeling of elation,

    Some moments take us to the podium
    To receive our reward for our neverending passion and dedication,

    Yet, I realise that the most touching moment of my life is the one, when after listening to my poems, my mother smiles from her heart as her exhilaration doesn't need any explanation.

  • rachanaa 23w

    Fun In The Sun

    I miss my summer vacations,
    When we used to have fun in the Sun,

    Mountains were my home,
    We used to swim or run,

    Picnics were enjoyed under the open sky,
    It was an out of this world experience to sleep while looking at the stars and galaxies,

    I loved the experience of being in the lap of nature,
    It was an uplifting journey as well as an exciting adventure,

    It was a quick respite for my soul after surviving in the city for so long,
    My heart yearns for the carefree days spent in the hills while listening to the nature's song,

    I am a born traveller, a poet and a writer with a creative bent of mind,
    Fun in the Sun is the best time for me to rejuvenate, replenish my energy and rewind.

  • rachanaa 23w

    My Journey

    Life takes unexpected turns,
    Which makes our life uncertain many times,

    As we keep moving ahead step by step in our life,
    Our journey becomes more and more noteworthy and sublime,

    One should never think that a failure is the end of life,
    The truth is that we always get inspiration to make ourselves better than the best after going through really tough and difficult times.