I came here to spill my emotions out

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  • rachelatherton 17w


    I find myself thinking of you
    And that soft smile of yours
    Those lips I've pictured kissing mine
    Countless times
    To the point where
    I'd rather be drunk
    And stumbling out in the rain
    Instead of wishing you were here
    Next to me


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    "And in the end, we were all just humans... drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness."

    -F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • rachelatherton 18w

    Brown eyes

    "Fell in love with your soft brown eyes"
    In the middle of December
    I fell for your laugh
    The way you smiled and said my name
    The way you touched me
    ...The sheer amount of happiness I felt
    Around you...
    But the distance
    And the overwhelming ache
    Keeps me awake at night
    Because I see you everywhere

  • rachelatherton 23w

    #fluster #wod

    100th post, I can't believe it!! ��

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    The snow fell softly
    As the world around us
    Blurred into the background
    While we stood together
    Grinning like idiots
    A little flustered
    And a little more in love

  • rachelatherton 25w

    I think that
    We both were hoping for
    A fairy tale ending
    Instead of restless nights--
    All of the flashbacks of each other
    Anything but the ache
    That makes it feel like
    We're miles apart

  • rachelatherton 25w

    A light in the sea of darkness
    That's what you were to me
    You were always the foundation that stood
    When everything else
    Chose to crumble
    Or break away
    You were home

    But like a candle,
    No light can shine forever

  • rachelatherton 26w

    #like #wod

    Thank you so much for the EC! ❤

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    We drifted apart
    Like falling leaves on a windy day
    And all that was left
    Was radio static
    And a forlorn ache

    Because people
    Always seem to forget
    How addicting
    Loneliness is

  • rachelatherton 27w

    I wanted to text you
    I wanted to say something
    I wanted you to look at me
    But that didn't happen
    We just looked out the windows
    As my heart ached
    In the silence
    Of everything that
    We won't tell each other

  • rachelatherton 27w

    Two things are eating my soul
    Whether I should fall in love with you
    Because we fixed each other's
    Broken hearts and shattered dreams
    Or if I should walk away
    And let our demons dance together
    In another life
    One where my pessimistic view
    Has yet to ruin your optimism

    #wod #start

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  • rachelatherton 28w

    If I could tell you
    One thing
    Before I left this world behind
    I would tell you
    How much light
    You brought to my very dark world

    If I could leave you
    With a final glance
    It would be with the world
    Behind my back
    And a smile
    That said everything I couldn't

    If I could provide
    A final memory
    I would take you
    To a place
    That had once been
    Our own little world
    While the morning sun
    Rose above us


  • rachelatherton 29w

    Words beg to roll of my lips
    Words, frozen, on the tip of your tongue
    Silence is a beautiful type of agony isn't it?