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  • rahul_govindan 11w

    A part of me is holding back tears,
    Fractured walls of my little home, in isolation,
    Minuscule ants and stray dogs, never visited me,
    How will I feed them, when I'm in search of bread?

    A part of me is holding back tears, again,
    And I step out of my home, with empty pockets.
    I breathe fear, yet wait and hope, when the
    World is fighting a war, in perplexed minds.

    A sack of coins I find beside me,
    "One, Three, Eight, Ten...", it sums up ten dozens.
    An ordinary time I'm coming across,
    In the midst of strange times, for the first time.

    A few feet, I take with the sack, "h..heyy",
    Someone stopped me in the halfway.
    "Did you find some money... sir?", I look at his eyes,
    Birds of same feather flock together, don't they?

    I gave him, his very own sack, he smiled, he cried.
    Little food he has in his hand, "let's eat together",
    He uttered, fractured walls of my little home,
    Invited my guest, ants and stray dogs followed us.

    A part of us is holding back tears,
    We expelled them together.

    © G Rahul.


    (Started with one word of "wod" - ended up using almost everything ����‍♂️)

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  • rahul_govindan 14w

    Waking up in a distant land,
    Lights of minds, switched off for a while,
    Pitch black sky, submerged them.
    A mystical stream caught hold of me,
    Handful of water, I tasted it.
    Prism of my soul, split on its own,
    Knowledge and power, I inhaled,
    Love and peace, I preached.
    A distant land, I stand tall,
    Flock of humans rushed to me.
    "A big feast", they uttered,
    And ignited me to their flame of hunger.
    The stream I tasted vaporized,
    Condensed droplets of fog remained on me.
    Expired, my skeleton,
    Eternal, my soul.
    A new stream rejuvenated beneath me,
    For them to sip, what I tasted once.

    ~ G Rahul

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    ��Thanks WN for adding a purpose ❤

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  • rahul_govindan 15w

    "Give me some food...", a dog barked, on the streets.
    With little food & more love, a teen urged to serve.
    A starving man, no more lively, gazed at him.
    Who knew, he would have been served if he had asked.

    "Close the faucet...", a stranger screamed, on the streets.
    Little conscious & more responsible, she halted its flow.
    A dried plant, in the roots of death, blinked its leaves.
    Last breath of it remained unnoticed, in a world awake.

    "I need to go out tonight...", she pleaded her mother.
    The concerned heart, creator of her, resisted her.
    "Why don't my mom give me the freedom to fly?"
    She shared her pain with the caged bird in the terrace.

    Gazing through the window, I noted them,
    In the weathering walls of my home.
    "There's so much pleasure in observing, you know?"

    -G Rahul.


    #activity #perspective #wod #pod #miraquill #ceesreposts
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  • rahul_govindan 17w

    On her 30th birthday, Ki woke up a little late and before her even realizing it, she was standing next to the closet in her room. She carefully opened it and pulled out a yellow diary, holding a hot cup of coffee in her hand. It was Vinny's, her partner, 'Vinny's diary of memories.' It began with "My little world." The divine soul of Ki were the lines of his diary and she became a phrase now, to cherish the bygone days through the lens of Vinny.

    "Under the harsh rays of sun, a few birds composed a melody of pleasure, butterflies flapped their presence, all within me. I was sitting in a roofless cafe, waiting for her to arrive. An aroma of anxiety bounded me and I wasn't left alone.

    It was my day, our day, for me to convey my love. In one corner, a couple sank their lips in the waves of love. Was that a French origin? or an American origin? I can't even perform a simple air kiss, a little furious yet jealous heart of mine uttered. It was then I noticed a man conveying his love for her, a small bouquet with more of words. "I found the reason for my smile, the day I found you. Will you let me be the reason for your smile?" She nodded her head, a cute little smile accompanied them. I knew, it's a third party dialogue, yet how romantically he conveyed!!

    I asked the worker, a glass of 'warm' water and when things were calm, a guy just behind me raised a gun and pointed at his partner. Many, instead of getting tensed, smiled at them. Aren't they supposed to save her? Quite strange and just before I raise my voice, he said "You're under arrest for stealing my heart." People started clapping for them. Was that a proposal or performance!? How creative these people are!, I wondered.

    It was then you came Ki. Dressed in a yellow attire, I swear, you're the second angelic soul I have seen in my life. We introduced ourselves with little of words and more of blush. I ordered each a cup of coffee and the hands of my watch synced our heartbeat. An artist, I couldn't portray you with my brushes. A writer, I couldn't express what you are. We stared at each others eyes, preparations for proposal dissolved. We looked at each other, no matter what, that's the best sight I have ever had and I knew that the hot cup of coffee will wait, until the tale of love ends in our eyes."

    A little late she woke up, not in the world of humans but in the world of him, Vinny. A minuscule drop fell down from her eye, vanishing the full stop which he had kept. She closed the diary and stood near his photo, framed and placed in the mandir of their home. The endpoint of the tale of love vanished and all she has is the tale of memories, an immortal tale of memories.

    - G Rahul.

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  • rahul_govindan 18w

    She and I, soul of love, we're set apart,

    Theology and class perfected their part,

    She and I, we're now one, in verses and art.


  • rahul_govindan 19w

    "To a cremator like me, death isn't strange"
    Elflock minds composed a melody of wail, I
    Ignited them to the questions of money.

    Habitual chants I hear, now for me,
    Questions I ignited replied me with its action,
    Previous state of my existence, found its answer.

    I asked for food and they gave me water,
    Tossed up coin found no three choices,
    With milk and ghee, they're washing me now.

    Toes were tied, they found no more travel,
    Lamp near my head, to light my untold path,
    Sprinkled my body, to wake up my ended soul.

    Unburnt sins flew to Ganges, found no place,
    Previous state of my existence, found its answer.
    Eyes of people are filled with tears,
    Many dried up even before kissing the ground.

    The death soul of me, suffers from uhtceare,
    Before waking up in the dawn of reincarnation.

    "To a cremator like me, death isn't strange"

    - G Rahul.


    #oldenglish #wod #pod #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #ardentreader #3amc #death

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • rahul_govindan 20w

    Edible offspring of white asparagus,
    Soaked in an earthy flavor of truffle oil,
    Made love with a slice of tuscan focaccia
    In the "golden spoon" of him.

    Atom size bread collapsed on the floor,
    Worker ants, for the queen, in quest of food,
    Abided by the sketched out path,
    Bearing the massive load of wispy food.

    "You can't climb up", he broke their path with a placard,
    Untutored colony found no sign of notice,
    Cooperation and coordination, made them ascend,
    He traced their path, journey to the realm.

    A woman in her generative age,
    Amidst the shades of sexism and racism,
    Bounded by an obvious poverty,
    Waited for the ants, "she was their queen."

    Peace and Conflict, Solace and Ache,
    Delight and Misery, Existence and Extinct,
    Shook hands with one another.
    "Wealth and Poverty were made not to"

    ©️ G Rahul


    #poverty #wod #pod #ceesreposts #honestgranny
    #miraquill #writersnetwork
    Thank you @writersnetwork for dropping in a late ❤

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  • rahul_govindan 21w


    Rahul, myself is new to this street. Just a week before I shifted my house over here and now I'm on my way to home after my work. The sky seems to be dark, unlighted, hiding my emotions. Thunder clapped quietly before me and here, near the park I found something - a dead man. Shades of terror whitewashed my soul and I urged to the police station, feet playing the symphony of fear. The walls were left with stains of blood and all I could see is men in security dead, bullets scattered on the floor. Jailbirds - 3 in number put on an evil smile knocking down the policemen with their gun. Any common man try not to be present in this arena and so I. The usual way to my home is now pervaded by bizarre acts.

    In the midst of unbroken darkness, a street lamp fascinated my hopeless heart, now a starry night it is. As I crossed it my shadow prominently fell below the light. Two left and then right, I implemented my memorized road map yet not reached home till now. It's been 10 minutes and I'm ending up in a wrong place for the endless time. I started inhaling confusion in the noiseless streets, quiet enough that I could hear the sound of this air conditioner, running constantly in this locked house.

    "No point in trembling right at the moment. Let your eyes find no difference between factual & fantasy, horror & heroic", the muted voice echoed in me. Each step I took was accidental and it proved to be victorious as I found my home for one last time - lions mansion. I rushed inside and I found no need to unlock the doors. It was exactly 9:00 pm on the clock and I went to bed... Taking leave, untold for a day will fire me out of the office gate. A series of thoughts wandered inside my mind yet confined them just for the sake of sleep...

    "Was it me who switched on the lights and fan once I entered the room!!", I exclaimed suddenly, waking up to the dampness of fear. I recalled the unsolvable incidents and came up with a temporary uplifting conclusion- "Who else will? It will be me for sure."

    The next morning I woke up and made myself ready for the work, with an attempt to let slip the incidents of yesterday. The clock halted at 9:00pm when I noticed it, leaving home. The sunlight puzzled the existing perplexed mind of mine and the silence which I witnessed the last night unfurled itself once again for me to feel. "Do you remember me? Hey.. Do you remember me?", a man bleeding till his toes screamed in front of my face. "Don't you!!", he asked me again. Before the arrival of realization he disappeared. "Isn't he the one whom I saw yesterday, near the park, dead?" It was.. it was him for sure.

    The moment to be forgotten, recalled by itself for me to explore. I rushed to my home, traces of fear and doses of confusion. I unlocked the door and went inside the restroom to wash my face, a few imprints of blood he left. The clock, exactly halting at 9:00 pm was obvious in the mirror. "The battery would have drained out", I whispered. Wiping my face, I came out and it's here I noticed a stream of blood flowing all through my room. Red, a placard of death & danger, made me follow its path. As I closely reached its end I found someone lying, probably dead. I looked at his shirt- a full sleeved black shirt. My eyes, unintentionally gazed at the mirror of mine and wide opened on seeing my outfit- a full sleeved black shirt. I went near the body hoping it shouldn't be me. I placed my hands on his shoulder to turn him and...

    "Darling... You've been sleeping for a long time.." I woke up suddenly and realized things were made up, a mere dream. "You aren't going to work today?", she asked. "I need to", I said in a lower tone. Taking a deep breath I came out of my bedroom and stared at the clock. "9:00 am"

    -Rahul Govindan

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  • rahul_govindan 22w

    Standing in the midst of undyed clouds,
    Handcrafted trees, draped komorebi,
    Concealed rays slammed the eyes.

    A mystical stream caught hold of mine,
    Unblended little drops, pierced through me.
    Handful of water I fetched, sun & clouds
    Grinned like a cheshire cat.

    With the needle-like brushes of mine,
    Sky & Sun, Rainbow & River, I weaved.
    A supernatural attire, equipped me for the world,
    Journey to the land of partitioned humans.

    Unlighted hearts camouflaged under the glowing sun,
    Agony echoed from the endless walls,
    Snakes and ladders - people played,
    Not on boards, but on perplexed minds.

    The sky grew darker, crystalline drops fell little far,
    Sky & Sun, Rainbow & River, all I inhaled once,
    Shattered the soul of me, to the ray of hope, all mine,
    Unfurled on the wabi sabi life, beauty of imperfections.

    - G Rahul

    #nature #wod #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    POD for the 1st time uhh? �� ~ Ahn jii !!❤
    Btw, I had written better pieces ��, lol...

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  • rahul_govindan 23w

    "Sin 2x is equal to 2 Sin x Cos x, which is 2 ta..."

    "Hey dude.. How many ex do you have!", the one next to me asked with curiosity. A lame joker (Lj) he is, at times corny and most of the times 'h' took over 'c'. It was our mathematics class, just before our lunch hour. The tube lights puzzled our eyes after undergoing several reflections by the convex head of our teacher. The stomach started barking out loud and we started looking at our watches. Teacher looked at me, I stared at him, he saw his watch and I gazed at mine. We stared again at each other, "he's going to end the class yaar!!", Lj whispered in my ears. "Tan 2x is equal to 2 tan x divi..", he continued is weird chants. Idlis turned red and so we, yet confined them in the tiffin heart of ours.


    We exchanged our rice and roti, along with a few words. Suddenly we were able to smell the aroma of flowers, typically roses. The eyes looked for the source and the nose felt it at hand. "What the luck!", I screamed, losing my mind. "What the luck!", everyone uttered at me again. Well, the guy beside me was romancing in correspondence. "But why should I bother about that !!", I asked. "She's your crush dude..", Lj spoiled my mood again. "Just wait and watch.. I will confess my love to her very soon", I murmured.


    It was our game hour, right after a full fledged meal. We were peeking through the window, waiting for the master's arrival. "Hey dude.. Look there. Our science teacher.. I think he's going to get a loan from our physical trainer with no redemption", Lj, a mere pessimist apart from 'h come corny.' "Listen... If science teacher comes inside our class just shout that you want game hour", I said. Lj nodded his head and the king felt the presence of his mighty commander. Beetles and bees and flies composed the endgame music for us. Science teacher made his arrival slowly inside our class. We made us ready to shout, protest against the violation. "We want game houurrrrrrrrr!!!", I was able to hear my scream very well. The entire flock of boys and girls stared at me & I looked at Lj. "Didn't you!?" I asked. "Bu..But you didn't make... make a countdown yaar!", he replied. Me, the Ironman is dead. Thor and Captain America shed some crocodile tears and Brendan's death song was played.


    Earlier we had a stressful maths & now science seems to be stressful. "Am I even a good student? What's my duty at this age other than studying?", I asked to myself. "Self realization ah dude!?", Lj asked me and laughed out loud. "Firstly I need to cut off this friendship yaar." The weather was chill and earlier I emptied half of my water bottle. So!? Yes, it's obvious. "Sir, Can I use the restroom?', I asked and he said yes in a severe tone, as if I was going to use his. Even the plane looking arenas seems to be gorgeous when explored in solitude. Restrooms top the list of mine. My friends used to kick the doors of the toilet and I warn them not to do. But now, it's time to explore... I was kicking the doors restlessly and I wasn't alone in the arena. A second person was performing his after digestion process. I kicked the door and it opened. He looked at me and I stared at him, he felt outrageous and I realized. He wasn't a student, but our maths teacher.


    I rushed to my classroom and was short of breath. "What happened dude!", Lj asked. "I saw everything daa..." My mind was pondering over the consequences. I could ask him sorry, bu... but at what cost? "Students, take notes of what I am saying", he said. I searched for a pen inside my bag and caught hold of one. A blue pen and a candy too. Just when none noticed, I unwrapped it and put inside my mouth and started taking notes. When the violins were playing the last note of music for me, the guy beside me enjoyed it, a love note. All of a sudden we were able to sense some burning smell. Lj looked at my tummy and laughed. "This fellow is ridiculous yaar!!", stage of realization it was.


    I found myself in the centre of my school. Co-ed school it is yet, the number of girls to whom I have spoken is cipher.
    *crying in silence* The entire atmosphere was pervaded by the flames, students and staffs running for life and a few trying to extinguish the fire. "Ohh chitt.. How did this happen!" Even before coming to know about it I found myself in an unusual attire. A full blue constume with a red colour cape. Why am I wearing my underpants the other way!? Oh wait... DC character in a Marvel reference!

    *usual snap*

    I was in the air, fluttering without wings. "With great power comes great responsibilities", wearing a DC costume I was blabbering Spiderman dialogue *character adaptability level 0* There were screams all over, a majority escaped and a very few were stuck in rooms. In search of men and women to be rescued, the first person was he, 'convex headed' figure, as I refer him, our maths teacher. He remained unconscious, inhaling a few tonnes of fumes. Making him lay on the back, I tried to retrieve him shaking and yelling. Applied some basic knowledge of CPR, interlocking my fingers and compressing his chest. Nervous yet determined, and it proved to be successful. He opened his eyes, I made him stand. "You need to memorize the trigonometric formulas", he whispered in my ears and smiled. We stared at each other and were left with no words but a few tears of joy.


    I found myself hanging from the ceiling, right before the door of a room. "69", the number was imprinted on the door. Oops, "96" it is, I realized on standing along the gravity. There were a few muted screams and I kicked the door, with my PhD in restroom. There she was, who remained in my heart as so called 'crush', pouring down tears sitting in the very edge of the room. A perfect heroic moment one could ever get. I extended my hands, we stared at each others eyes, and she caught hold of mine.


    A crew of people gathered near our school, hearts filled with fear, a few thanking the unrevealed spirits. Fortuitously everyone were rescued safely. Ambulances arrived along with a few police officers. A moment of joy inhabited the hearts and tears rolled down the cheeks on finding their souls, as they were. She was standing there, burnt rooms and the injured walls behind her were now a hothouse. I made my way slowly towards her. A glimpse of shy yet adored that moment. She held my hands, and the heart muted itself for a second. "Rahul... I lov"


    I opened my eyes. "How many times should I call you? There was a small fire accident in our neighbors house", my mom yelled at me. I was sitting right before my mobile phone attending my online class. "Sin 3A is equal to 3 SinA minus...", our maths teacher was uttering the trigonometric formulas. "Hey dude! Day dreaming ah!!", I received a notification from Lj. "I need to cut off this friendship yaar..", I realized but laughed at myself this time.

    A candy was left on my table. Unwrapped it slowly and placed it gently on my tongue. "Mm... Sweeettt..."

    - G Rahul

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