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  • rajshekhar_7 100w

    cookie cutter classes filling minds with candied dreams

    sitting, staring, faces forward, nothing is as it seems

    pasteurizing posture potential and priority everybody wins

    rambunctious racing ritalin glossed eyes and eerie grins

    Everybody gets a trophy no matter what they do

    As long as they stay in their desk until the day is through

    lead the way to office life, meetings and board review

    cradle to grave mediocrity is paved on that which is tried and true

    Factories of conformity churn out a middle class

    proving knowledge less prized than sitting on ones ass

    high potential's just a guess and rarely correlated with success

    when making a mess make it just less but do so while exhibiting finesse

    the young believe just enough lies to make until they are old

    in turn telling the young the same ones they were told

    picket fenced cul de sacs make us no less small

    a wasted life lived for someone else is no life at all

    furrowed brows and fevered dreams of what it would be to follow our heart

    financial fears an wasted years make it anytime far too late to start

    death's embrace the final rat race is to the top of our hill of beans

    only at death can we take a breath and start to see what it all means

    gravestones rarely if ever show the amount left in our bank

    for a wasted life suffering and strife, we have our schools to thank....

    #mirakee #writerstoli #mirakeewriters #wrietersnetwork #yearsoflife #dreams @mirakeeworld @diana733 @oh_senorita @anonymous_storyteller

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  • rajshekhar_7 100w

    I stretch my hand wide and open

    To reach ..touch n feel the sensuous moments

    To grab whatever I can from a escaping dream

    The more I stretch my hand

    The more the scenes move away

    Gradually vanishing in to thick vague mist of awareness

    I try my best to find a way out but to no avail

    I drift apart sailing aimlessly

    To a state never known neither seen before

    A state of nothingness The Final Destination..

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words

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  • rajshekhar_7 101w

    I can walk bare legs on a scorched tar,
    Or hold onto a red, hot flaming bar,
    Long enough till my flesh starts frying,
    Still all that won’t hurt as much seeing,
    You online but never replying.

    I can step on a rusty nail,
    And still continue walking miles without fail,
    Because nothing else will hurt me,
    Like you not talking to me.

    I will even stab myself in the chest,
    Bleed on for hours without rest,
    Still they won’t be enough to make me cry,
    Like when I see you with another guy.

    I can torture myself in a number of ways,
    And be back for more always,
    Because nothing else can truly hurt me,
    Like the way love does unto me.......

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writingsforheart

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  • rajshekhar_7 101w

    You decided

    You thought you had made the wrong choice choosing me

    So you gave up. Let me go

    And a choice so large cannot be undone

    You can’t take back what you did

    Because you did the one thing you shouldn’t have

    The most mortal of promises-


    The trust hasn’t been damaged

    It has been destroyed

    For now, your promises mean nothing

    I don’t believe a word you say

    I know you are good

    But I can’t stay.....

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @oh_senorita @mirakeeworld

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  • rajshekhar_7 101w

    A petal is fluttered to the ground by the season,

    It’ll be alone, lonely and sad;

    The sky where the sars left is sad

    so it cries like falling rain;

    Like the flower blooms and falls,

    Please deliver my mind via the wind;

    The wish which will become true when the first snow comes,

    I belive that story, my dearest wish;

    If youknow my greiving heart,

    you will be back again.....

    #mirakee #writerstoli #writersnetwork


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  • rajshekhar_7 101w

    a long hard walk I made of it

    through high climbing-dunes

    to our favourite haunt -

    the beach at Bamburgh


    marram stubble stabbing my feet

    goaded buried recollections

    of friends, enemies (long forgotten)

    and galleried crowds of unknown faces

    locked in faded half-ripped sepia

    and my long departed lover


    I cross the dawn-lit virgin strand

    newly washed of trace of man

    to cleanse my running blood

    at the ice-chill water-line


    in the melting-morning quiet

    above the whip of spindrift spray

    among a myriad sea of memories

    my lover’s face - a sighing plea


    ‘come away and walk with me’


    I sit on a flat white rock a while

    shake my head and shed my tears

    my lover turns – she melts away –

    her words usurped by crude gull squawks

    I clamber over barnacle rocks


    and shout before she vanishes

    ‘will you meet me here again?’

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @diana733 @oh_senorita @writersnetwork

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  • rajshekhar_7 101w

    It in the falling that it had risen;
    as the first leaf dropped
    when autumn arrived,
    it now stood out…finally.

    Departing from the rest,
    alone, on its own,
    waving goodbye, free,
    travelling unfettered.

    Battered by the elements,
    exposed, open and vulnerable,
    it weathered the worst.
    Learning to adapt,
    it stood strong with other survivors
    having passed many trials.

    Its golden, bronzed hue
    of a life well-lived,
    sun-kissed by time’s passing,
    beginning a pilgrimage
    from where it once came
    for another to grow and flourish.

    Years of conforming,
    being part of a whole,
    it also understood
    what returning back meant:

    “Give your knowledge away,
    for then your wisdom will increase.”

    It is in the falling that one rises...

    #rises @writersnetwork @writerstolli @oh_senorita
    #autumn @diana733

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  • rajshekhar_7 101w

    From the elongated shadows
    a new beginning takes form.
    The frozen ground,
    protected from the night…
    awakes, confident, expecting,
    another opportunity.
    A chance for redemption;
    the dew of yesterday’s transgressions
    evaporate with hope’s rays.

    The sun slowly, timidly rises,
    emerging from darkness,
    driving out the bitter cold;
    allaying doubts, fears, concerns,
    and initiating possibilities
    that slowly died,
    at yesterday’s dusk.

    Morning pleads for another chance,
    making right from wrong;
    towards a fulfilled noon
    for promises made
    many moons ago.....

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @oh_senorita @anonymous_storyteller @diana733

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  • rajshekhar_7 102w

    Talk to you soon.

    One day there must be a crowd of strangers,

    In the blazing sun on the highway.


    In the land of white and black light, in sleep.

    In a dream nor it may in a nightmare. '

    One day there must be some words in Letter

    In a green envelope with an address .


    You may stay at platform for a train , to go.

    Whimsically ,

    Find the letter in the corner of your bag.

    Where to go !

    The address is same as in the Ticket .

    We talk to very soon.


    I wish-

    I am yours !

    Reluctantly, You are mine.


    You want- I'm yours

    Even if you don't want -though you are mine.


    I for yours and you for mine


    We will be one.

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee_post

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  • rajshekhar_7 102w


    Nothing but an inferno, turbulent at life existence, like a journey with no destination, movement that leads nowhere, aspirations that yields nothing.

    Life a four letter words but as massive as an ocean, so Complicated, full of thorns and roses. Life is not a word of play , not a toy we can mess around with, always full of surprises, no matter how hard we try to explain it, no matter how hard we try to understand it or write about it, it proves impossible.

    Sometimes the road seems easy, sometimes the turmoil is overbearing, but one date not question you.

    O life we live you just the way you present yourself, you are like a running water that has a limited end. O life mother of success and failure, trust, mother of so many things cause without you, it would never be in existence.

    Life is nothing but a turbulent inferno, life, life, life, the way you present yourself the way I would live.....

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @oh_senorita

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