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  • ramblesafterlight 16w

    Pretty lowly you think of your unkempt wisps of hair, your not-so-delicate feet and your bony fingers
    Fusion of which depicts how you're made of this earthy soil and fire

    But if I were an artist and you my intended classic,
    I'd smear my brush with the azure of the skies and paint a poem
    The one
    I couldn't not listen

    The one
    I couldn't unlove


  • ramblesafterlight 16w


    She didn't have to love me back the same
    I knew it was not the same
    Not even close
    But that's what she was, a snowfall in a place which thrived solely on seasonal rains
    You can't help loving her

    I followed suit


  • ramblesafterlight 16w


    Tomorrow the rage might have vanished.

    My touch may no longer be the reason of scarlets on your cheeks.
    The shine might be all but a haze.
    Tomorrow, your time might be costlier and our hearts might be hectic

    But right now! Right now as we sit beneath these stars in your car that takes too long to start, promise me.Promise me the rage and the scarlets won't subside tonight.

    Promise me the warmth of your hand wouldnt let this winter get to me.
    Promise me the escapade engulfed by the foggy windows won't die down any time soon.

    I wouldn't ask for as much as tomorrow.
    But tonight promise me the world!
    For all we know, the vase of tomorrow may never sustain.

    And for we all know, the promises of today may be the lies of tomorrow.