Smile like you are rivalling the sunshine ����

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  • ranomajhipoetry 115w


    You can't unlove someone
    you have loved once,
    you can only pretend that
    you don't love them anymore.

  • ranomajhipoetry 119w

    I wonder...

    If you ever ponder?
    Mundane worries that plunder
    One's imagination to blunder!

  • ranomajhipoetry 188w

    What am I?

    A speck of dust,
    riding on the mighty winds
    in the gust of life!

    Trying to soar the heights
    before the momentum vanishes
    and gravity pulls down for good!

    Experiencing the joys & sorrows
    traveling in world of truth & lies,
    soaking in the ugly & the beauty!

    As the wind falls silent
    settling down in the field
    of tiny grains of sand!

    What am I?

    A speck of dust,
    riding on the mighty winds
    in the gust of life!


  • ranomajhipoetry 207w


    Meeting eye to eye,
    is the filthy fear.
    Growing as a neglected child,
    haboring anger and remorse.
    Unchecked woes of past houses,
    soiled thoughts of tomorrow.
    Unbreakable chains of regrets
    does not let you rest in peace.
    Blaring red sirens in mind,
    breaks the silence of today.

    I wonder in darkness alone,
    will there be a carefree future?
    Living in same old routine
    of six feet deep and wide.
    Horizon replacing white screens and conversations take on robotics mode.
    Hearts sealed in deepest ocean trench!
    No longer human but just a bait to ego, inflated with all might, toying with idea of
    crushing the ground slowly invoking - a death wish!
    ©ranomajhi (29/08/2018)

  • ranomajhipoetry 209w


    Smile that kept secrets safe,
    your lips played with words.
    Brushing the hair with fingertips
    lost in pages of past, I sigh.

    Eyes confuse wants with reality,
    who isn't here still lives on.
    Seeking to grab hold of what
    we know, a perdurable love!

    Rano Majhi / ©aqua_babe3291 / 13.08.18

  • ranomajhipoetry 209w


    I dream of clear skies,
    as drifting clouds mirrors my mind.
    Resting on a warm concrete seat,
    the wind barely bruises my being.

    Standing there in the silence of dubiety,
    I dream and yearn of clear skies.
    All I want to ease my heart burn,
    like I water the thirsty plants!

    Pressing our lips together,
    I open eyes to reality.
    Sunshine made me blush,
    as I smiled at clear sky!

    Rano Majhi / ©aqua_babe3291 / 12.08.18

  • ranomajhipoetry 222w

    Bathed under the sun and in sweat,
    to greet the clementine skies.
    Wind painted my skin with dust,
    comfortingly gazing at dimming ball.

    The dusky sky questions,
    the abstracts of life and
    the purpose of living.

    Time wears a camouflage veil,
    hiding in the plain sight.
    As shadows are watching,
    every move and thought.

    Rano / ©aqua_babe3291 / 17.05.18

  • ranomajhipoetry 226w

    Dunks the fangs
    deeper into your skin,
    drunk on ecstasy of lust
    yet drinking every damn drop!

    Dreams of future weaves a fairytale
    your absence is haunting nightmare!
    Within this maze of recurring thoughts,
    sweet embrace awakens the slumbering soul!

    Rano / ©aqua_babe3291 / 18.04.18

  • ranomajhipoetry 226w

    I read you like you read my eyes,
    I know you like you know the tones of my voice!
    You wind the fire of my soul,
    your words work like magic spells!
    Enticing to your mellifluous voice,
    To guide me through the path of my goal.
    Let me glide away to the calling,
    A light not a shadow that leaves,
    Overflowing love like a waterfall!

    Rano / ©aqua_babe3291 / 16.04.18

  • ranomajhipoetry 227w

    your ignorance
    will show you,
    the right place in

    Rano / ©aqua_babe3291/ 12.04.18