Drooling in ink and words poetry became my certainty

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  • rasheederh 12w


    The aurora of broken souls
    Sniffs In the peculiarities of
    Caged words and emotions.
    Beautiful hearts burn in anguish,
    Melting in hushed lullaby of love
    These words of trust decorated in fading
    Piles of unwatered petals.its solidarity
    Drown in Waters of stolen allegiance
    And the rays of its affection crown
    In golden Shalf of mourning hyms.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 14w

    Love is a limitless
    Sensitivity.vast, with
    No beginning or end.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 14w

    Every morning
    My mirror tells
    Me a new thing
    About myself,It
    Show me more
    I am to myself.

    Collecting collage
    Of buried sadness
    At every corner end
    Of my gloomy eyes.
    The throbbing heartbeat
    Of an unsecured territory.
    The conversed thoughts
    Engraved in a troubled mind.
    A spec of light endorsed by
    A broken heart.and a smile
    Glowing in the harmony of

    Every Morning
    The world tells
    Me a new thing
    About myself,it
    Give me a peak of
    Been Courteous in all.
    And Stall in mind
    Strength of virtue
    With wings crafted
    In golden ornaments
    Of perspectives.


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    Something more

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 14w

    If my poems doesn't Rhyme
    I'd feed them to the withered
    Soul, who's adored in dead Rose's
    With a tear of broken agony

    If my poems doesn't Rhyme
    Then cuddle my warmly words
    In affection,for in them lies a
    Soaring trait of salvation.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 14w

    Poetry is my last hope
    In jungled home of broken walls
    My words finds me in solemnity
    My inks watered in the ocean of patience.
    With given wisdom to connect in glory

    Poetry is my last hope
    When I walk barefooted in chaos.
    When winds of autumn comfort my soul
    And collect in every wandered words.
    Who laid for me home in Emotions that
    Binds me to a better self.

    Poetry is my last hope.
    When I dine in time, stolen
    Gratitude of words liberty.


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    Poetry is my last hope
    When I dine in time, stolen
    Gratitude of words liberty.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 17w

    Growth's ascends
    in different directions
    It doesn't specify in same
    Impact as others and need
    Not be tamed but let loose
    Like a bird set Free.

    Growth is auspicious in
    Learning new things,in
    Making a start at the end
    Lane of every failed path.
    It is been diverse in conflicts
    Of thoughts.

    Growth is accepting duely
    Wages made in awful or
    Virtuous decision and create
    In them soaring ladder of
    Responsibility and sew in
    The zeal to surpass obstacles.

    Growth is the leadlight of Life
    An identity of developed choices
    An ideal of healthy establishment
    A sail in the solemn oath of hope.


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    Growth is the leadlight of Life
    A sail in the solemn oath of Hope.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 17w

    The moon kisses my flaws and wrapped me in red cape of poetry.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 17w

    It is what it is
    Until it is no more.
    The clouds could be forever blue.
    And Rose's would bloom with thorns.
    The imperfect sorrow charm in disguise.
    The hazy look on troubled heart pun in smiles.

    The cries of emptiness
    Echoes in every call of times.
    The hatred that harbours the heart of men, slaying their
    Generations in bids of anarchy ,overwhelmed in every bits
    Of the world.The weak becoming slaves of fear and confusion.The future disorganized in terror, with smuggled dreams not that which they for bear for themselves.

    It what it is
    But the quiver of weakness are tent in a lost path of dark clouds, Drown under the hides of polluted indulgence.
    It is what it is
    Until we strive to crack off our hidden shells and run in
    Marathon sequence unavailing strength, intrepidity, for
    Laid prides and harmony.To stand with courage and rebirth
    Brighter clouds and drown in the downpour of love and power.

    It is what it is
    Until we choose
    For ourselves what it will be no more.

    Proverb used://it is what it is//
    We should learn to swim in our fears not drown in it


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    It is what it is
    Until we choose
    For ourselves what it is no more.

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    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 17w

    I am
    An element
    Of pen,paper,
    Ink and Emotions.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 17w


    A lone girl and a familiar song
    Dancing in the dark corners of
    Solace.where silence forfeit

    © Rasheederh